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About me / FAQs > The Lunch Belle: everything you want to know > Do you have to be a “human Zagat guide,” chef, A+ English and grammar student, or computer whiz to start your own food blog?

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Absolutely not! Actually, I don’t consider myself to be any of the last four mentioned, though I have been called a “human Zagat guide” (and yes, I would agree). Honestly, there are really only two things you need to start a blog: passion and a belief in yourself.
When I started The Lunch Belle, I had no intention of anyone reading it except my family, friends and the occasional board contributor on chow.com. It wasn’t until I received an overwhelming amount of positive praise and feedback (and an offer to write a brunch review for a magazine), that I began thinking, “Hey, maybe I have something here.”
I’m not a classically trained French chef, a computer genius, nor do I always have perfect spelling/grammar. I’m just a girl who loves food.

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