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About me / FAQs > The Lunch Belle: everything you want to know > I want to start a blog, but I’m not sure of a topic. Why did you choose to write about food?

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My passionate love affair with food began around age 3 or 4 (I’m not sure why children take an interest in specific things, but I can clearly recall that my first two loves were food and jewelry). I began cooking for my friends and preparing family dinners in elementary school, and by junior high school, I ordered my first subscription of Gourmet Magazine (while the rest of my peers were reading YM or Seventeen). Clearly for me, food is much more than nourishment

With that being said, food has also been my biggest obstacle and personal demon.  We have a passionate "love/hate" relationship, and I'm slowly starting to learn how NOT to rely on it for my every emotion, whether good or bad.   

If you want to start blogging, choose a topic that you’re extremely passionate about because this will make writing much more easy and enjoyable, rather than a "task."

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