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Welcome to my LA + NYCentric website and allow me to be of service!

Whether you're looking for a fabulous restaurant, your neighborhood's best late-night delivery spot, or anything in between…I'm your one-stop-shop!  Take the virtual wheel and navigate through The Lunch Belle on your own, or allow me to personally point you in the most delicious direction:    

  • Do you need some advice on planning your next meal, evening out on the town, or event (party, shower, dinner and cocktails, corporate holiday soiree, etc.)?
  • Are you/someone you know planning a visit to Hollywood or the Big Apple and don't know where to begin?

*Let's chat! Shoot me an email at: Lindsay@TheLunchBelle.com

Enjoy and bon appetit!

Until we eat again, 

The Lunch Belle


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Written in the sand on a beach in las islas Galapagos, 12/2009

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