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From April 2006 through April 2008, I was living the dream...or at least my dream, anyways.  I had the enviable task of managing the daily catered lunch program for a very high-profile hedge fund.  Aside from the fact that I was getting paid to do what I loved, I was basically given free reign to try nearly every restaurant on my "wish list" without having to spend a dime of my own money.  Sounds pretty dreamy, doesn't it?  And it was, until I needed someone to vent to about the woes of receiving three hotel pans of cold lasagna; getting yelled at by that mean manager at Tuscany; Tuesday's hour-and-one-half late delivery, etc.  Trust me, no one cared.        

Aside from consolidating all of my personal restaurant recommendations in to ONE place, I decided to start a blog as my own virtual punching bag and praising platform.  If a restaurant did an extraordinary job with a catered lunch, I wanted the entire city to know about it; and on the flip side, if something disastrous happened, I wanted the public to know about that, too.  Whether anyone, aside from my mom or very-patient friends, would ever read my blog or not, I found writing to be very therapeutic.  

Because I managed my company's catered lunches, and hail from the South (hence Southern Belle), the cutesy name, "The Lunch Belle" was born.  I have to give my mother credit for that one, as I would consider myself more of a "Lunch Byotch."  

So I guess I should also explain where "Changing the Way The Street Eats" came from, right?  "The Street" refers to Wall Street.  And during the time that I was managing lunch for the fund, I can confidently say that no one else (on the Street) was eating quite as well as us.

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