I just don't get it!? 9/14/07
Friday, September 14, 2007 at 10:56AM
The Lady Who Lunches in Funny shit

Barely forty-eight hours after my previous "I just don't get it!?" experience, it happened again! After a friend of mine had to cancel dinner plans with me on Thursday night, she felt obligated to make it up to me on Friday evening. We decided to get a couple of girls together after work and eat dinner at La Palapa (St. Mark's location). I couldn't wait for an ice cold margarita and some really good gossip.I'll make this one short and sweet. What is the deal with Mexican restaurants CHARGING customers for chips and salsa? I just don't get it!? I would be more understanding if one was only having drinks at the bar and not eating a meal; but I'm infuriated that I have to pay an additional price for chips and salsa when I'm already paying a premium for Mexican food in Manhattan! As if that weren't bad enough, my cheese enchiladas were stuffed with un-melted queso fresco that had the consistency of cottage cheese. My girlfriend also complained that her fish tacos were too "fishy."Oh La Palapa, you've truly let me down!

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