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Recipe: Sweet 'n Savory Quesadillas

For a small house party I hosted recently, I decided to test out a recipe that was inspired from one of my favorite restaurants, The Stanton Social. I fell in love with their Grilled Brie and Peach Quesadilla. With hopes to enjoy a similar version at home, I created my own recipe based on The Stanton Social's classic.

What I particularly love about this recipe is the non-traditional element of both sweet and savory ingredients. Enjoy!

Ingredients (serving 5 people):

  • 10 fresh flour tortillas (2 tortillas per person)
  • 10 oz. peach preserves (apricot or nectarine would also work): I like to use Sarabeth's Peach Apricot Preserves
  • Sliced brie cheese, with rind intact~Note: If brie is bought by the wheel, remove rind encircling the cheese, but not top and bottom rind (1 lb. of brie will yield enough cheese for 5 quesadillas; 1/2 lb. of brie will yield enough cheese for 2.5 quesadillas; etc.)
  • Chile powder
  • Sea salt

Pair tortillas by two's, and work on each individually. Spread 1/4 cup of peach preserves on tortilla, then place sliced brie cheese on top. Very lightly, dust with chile powder and sea salt. Sandwich with second tortilla, set aside and repeat process with remaining ingredients. Note: Uncooked quesadillas may be properly wrapped and refrigerated to cook at a later point, within 24-hour's time.

Grease griddle with cooking spray or butter. Cook quesadilla on each side, until cheese is lightly melted and tortillas resemble a buttery, golden brown color. Slice in to quadrants and serve!

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