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While visions of Fried Green Tomatoes danced in their heads...

*Note that this restaurant has since closed*


After having read the NY Post's "Top 20 NYC Brunches" article that I co-wrote with Andrea Strong, I knew that I had to run, not walk, back to Hundred Acres and try their fried green tomatoes...And an indulgent post-birthday-party brunch.  Located on a quiet side street in SoHo, Hundred Acres is housed in a charming pre-war building whose interior has been transformed to resemble an upscale urban farmhouse. Natural light floods the restaurant's space from an enclosed patio room, and floor-to-ceiling paned windows that are left open during the warmer months. Narrow tables displaying loaves of bread, bowls of fresh vegetables, bottles of wine and homemade cakes/pies create the perfect dining room dividers.

My brunch date, Em, and I arrived at Hundred Acres around noon and were seated immediately. The restaurant was quiet, but patrons slowly began trickling in. For some reason, I feel that the further south I travel for brunch, people seem to eat much later, which is great for an early bird like myself.

Fresh bread and and an herbed butter mixed with tomato and what tasted like a hint of feta cheese arrived simultaneously with Em's coffee and my fresh squeezed orange juice. As an entree, I ordered the fried eggs with bi-colored corn, roasted cubanelle chilies, cilantro and Yukon Gold potato hash. Knowing I couldn't leave Hundred Acres without trying the Fried Green Tomatoes, I ordered them as an accompaniment to my eggs. Encrusted in lightly herbed golden panko bread crumbs, were six 1/4-inch-thick slices of firm green tomatoes, sitting atop a mild paprika aioli. The contrasting textures of the fried crust, soft tomato flesh, and creamy aioli created a trinity of truly authentic Southern comfort. Not since Memphis have I had such delicious fried green tomatoes.

I highly recommend brunching at Hundred Acres. It's the perfect splurge after a long night on the town, that isn't as hard on your wallet.

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