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Dinner at Ah! Chihuahua

Since I had only ordered delivery from Ah! Chihuahua, I felt that it was time to pay my newly proclaimed "best Tex-Mex joint in NYC" a real visit. You know, a physical "go-to-the-actual-restaurant" type of visit. Being that Ah! Chihuahua is close to our office, I invited fellow coworker, Linda, and her boyfriend, Joe, along for a ride on the South-of-the-border gluttony train.

What? So it ain't much to look at from the street, but when it comes to Mexican restaurants, that's exactly how I like 'em. If luxe surroundings and $14 bowls of guacamole made table-side are more your cup of tea, then stick with Rosa Mexicano.
While I'm not sure of Ah! Chihuahua's precise capacity, I'm willing to bet that it can comfortably seat approximately 25-30 people. The interior space is warm, comfortable, intimate and casual. It's the perfect setting for small groups or 1x1's. Service is friendly with a "ready when you are," attitude. In other words, you could spend as little or as much time at the restaurant as you like.
Our meal began with a basket of homemade tortilla chips and a bowl of chunky, spicy, pico de gallo-like salsa (note that we weren't charged for the initial basket of chips and salsa, nor were we charged for refills). We unanimously agreed on an order of chile con queso which, in true Tex-Mex fashion, was nothing more than melted Velveeta cheese blended with a couple of spoonfuls of salsa (or Rotel). While the others opted for beer, I washed all of this deliciousness down with a glass of red-wine sangria.
Instead of going with my tried and true (2 cheese enchiladas with red sauce, accompanied by rice and beans), I decided to be adventurous and order a combination plate. This consisted of: ground beef hard-shelled taco, cheese enchilada, rice and beans. The taco was fine, nothing worth writing home about. The ground beef was seasoned nicely and the crunchy tortilla shell tasted as if it could have possibly been homemade. Now, if you'll notice in the pictures above, the enchilada is covered in (gasp) Velveeta cheese and chile con carne. Clearly, not my usual "enchiladas with red sauce." Chile con queso made with Velveeta is one thing, but it's a whole other issue when it's smothering my enchiladas. Processed cheese overload!! Oh well, perhaps it was my fault for assuming that the combination plate would arrive exactly how I'd assumed. Needless to say, because of the enchilada, I was unable to have the full "Tex Mex" fix that I'd been craving.
Aside from: a couple of obnoxiously loud, nasal-y gals trying to one-up each other's J-Date's from hell, the three of us enjoyed a deliciously affordable meal.

Here's a peak at what my bill looked like:
  • Sangria: not listed online
  • Chile con queso: $7.95
  • Mexican combination plate: $11.95
*For more information: click *here* for the restaurant's website

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Nice new profile picture. I just feel sorry for all of your friends who keep getting chopped out of those things.

October 2, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterplumpdumpling

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