Brunch at DBGB
Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 8:59PM
The Lady Who Lunches in Restaurant reviews
*This venue has closed*
*All of the photos from my meal can be viewed on Flickr
What the heck does DBGB stand for anyways??
Daniel Boulud Good Burger.  This is uber-famous chef Daniel Boulud's take on "French brasserie meets the American tavern," or in other words, "Boulud for the masses" (hence the "affordable" prices).
 What’s the space like?
Dark, modern, smart casual, booth and table seating, bustling yet conducive to conversation
How was the service?
Fantastic.  Our server was knowledgeable, patient and friendly.
What did you drink?
I kept it boring; just knocked back a couple of waters-on-the-rocks. 
How was the food? 

What’s pricing like?
Here’s a snapshot of our bill:
Will you return to DBGB?
Absolutely!  Though the reviews are mixed, I hope to return to DBGB for dinner. 
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