Dinner at Salumeria Rosi
Wednesday, November 25, 2009 at 9:19PM
The Lady Who Lunches in Restaurant reviews


*All of my photos from this meal can be viewed on Flickr

How was the service?

Patient, knowledgeable and attentive – the staff seemed to know their product (both food and wine) and exactly what to pair it with for optimal flavor

What did you drink?

I began my meal with a dry, lightly-sweetened orange bitters spritzer, followed by glasses of both white and red wines (dependent upon which grape would compliment each dish).

How was the food?

Salumeria Rosi’s menu is designed for sharing.  Dishes are small, yet portions are ample enough to satisfy even the most insatiable appetite.  In terms of diet/watching your waistline, patrons can be as naughty or as nice as they so choose; i.e. menu items range from healthy to hearty.

If la joie de vivre was a brand, then Salumeria Rosi's famous chef, Cesare Casella, would be its spokesperson.  And upon our visit, Alex and I were lucky enough to be graced by his magnetic presence.   

Tucked in to the left breast pocket of his chef coat was Cesare's signature accessory: a bushel of rosemary sprigs.  I later observed snippets of the fragrant herb peaking out of the napkins at each place setting. Cute.

Will you return to Salumeria Rosi?
Absolutely, without a doubt.  Between the retail counter and onsite dining, Salumeria Rosi truly offers the best of both worlds.  With spring/summer 2010 already on my mind, I can't help fantasizing about filling a basket with of some of my favorite Salumeria Rosi products and hosting a picnic for friends in nearby Central Park.

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