Tasting preview: The Wright at the Guggenheim Museum
Wednesday, December 9, 2009 at 3:09PM
The Lady Who Lunches in Parties you weren't invited to

I was a busy girl last night!  The first leg of my evening took me to one of the Upper Eastside's love-it-or-hate-it crown jewels, the Guggenheim Museum. Members of the press were invited to oogle the decor and sample delectable morsels courtesy of the museum's revamped and renamed restaurant, The Wright, which coincidentally opens to the public on the Guggenheim's 50th anniversary, Friday December 11th. Named after Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous American architect who designed the museum, one would never assume that a boring cafeteria used to occupy The Wright's space.

The Wright: sleek white lines and curvature, custom-made leather seats (that smelled just like a brand new car), royal-blue tinted banquets and walnut accents. This particular photo makes the space look like a cross between The Jetson's and Jet Blue Airways (or its retro terminal at JFK)

The Wright: guests sipping and noshing at the communal table.  Note the colorful horizontal wall art

With as many people as there were in the restaurant, I was pleasantly surprised by how clearly I could hear those with whom I was conversing.  In terms of precise numbers, The Wright comprises 1600 square-feet of space and can comfortably seat fifty-eight guests, exclusive of the communal table.

With Bouley alum, Rodolfo Contreras, acting as Executive Chef of The Wright, diners can expect a modern-American menu with a focus on fresh ingredients.

Parsnip soup: served in a shot glass, this creamy puree was topped with a crispy slice of fried parsnip

Chocolate-pumpkin cake: while this dessert looked prettier than it tasted, I found both of its key ingredients to compliment each other quite well

Location: 1071 Fifth Avenue (at 88th Street)

Contact: 212-427-5690

Hours of operation:

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