Macaron Mission: NYC
Friday, May 8, 2009 at 6:07PM
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All hail the perfection that is Laduree!

Does NYC have:

If the above are true, then why am I having such a difficult time finding a fabulous French macaron in NYC? (Note that I’m NOT referring to the coconut clumps that Manischewitz carries at your local grocery store.) Ever since I returned home from Paris last month, I’ve been on a macaron mission. I’m fully aware that there are plenty of things that the French do better (trust me). But come on, doesn’t at least one NYC boulangerie make something vaguely similar to the lovely jewel-toned treats I enjoyed so much in France?

Blame my high expectations on the assortment from Laduree in Paris, or the handmade lemon macarons that Chef Davy Tissot presented to my sister and me in Lyon.

What makes a good French macaron?

My NYC “macaron mission” has begun! The list below will continue to grow until I find Gotham’s “macaron holy grail.” Listed in chronological order of when eaten:

1) Kee’s Chocolates (satellite outpost inside HSBC, 54th & 5th)

2) Itzy Bitzy Patisserie:

3) La Maison du Chocolat (shipped frozen from Paris to NYC shop 3x/week):

4) Payard Ladies and gents, I think we *may* have a winner!

5) Ceci-Cela:

6) Macaron Cafe:

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