The Treats Truck: Afternoon delight
Tuesday, July 28, 2009 at 9:26PM
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If you’re looking to get your figure in to some serious trouble, run, don’t walk, to The Treats Truck. This mobile bakery-on-wheels sells everything from bars, cookies, squares and brownies to ice cold milk! Via the “schedule” tab on, you can find out where Sugar (the name of the truck) is/will be parked!

For $3.75, I got two cookies:
If you had to pick one, which cookie was your favorite? That’s a fair question, but you’re not going to like my answer. I can’t pick one over the other! Both cookies were unique, fresh and incredibly delicious.
Do you think the prices are legit? Absolutely! These items are homemade and baked with quality ingredients.

What makes The Treats Truck unique, aside from the fact that it’s mobile? I didn’t realize it at the time, but the lady behind the baker’s rack was The Treats Truck owner, Kim Ima. Despite the line of people behind me, Ms. Ima was kind and patient enough to answer all of my annoying questions: “What kind of cookie is that? Is that raspberry or strawberry jam?” I have an incredible amount of respect for entrepreneurial business owners, especially women, who aren’t afraid to “get their manicured hands dirty.” Best of luck and much success to you, Ms. Ima!

xo, TLB

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