Brunch at Commerce
Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 8:40AM
The Lady Who Lunches in Restaurant reviews

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What's the space like? 
Think Art Deco charm and glamour: Mirrors and hand-painted murals adorning the walls; a gorgeously restored 1941 Brunswick bar.  Honestly, the spacious room reminded me of an old-fashioned elementary school cafeteria (only fancier and void of tray rests).  Random visual: Its dim lighting, tall ceilings and support pillars prompted me to imagine how scared I'd be if I were stuck in the restaurant by myself with no lights on.     

How was the service?
Friendly and knowledgeable, yet slow (our waitress vanished on numerous occasions).

Did you drink?
Not alcohol, honey.  I was hungover from the night before, not to mention the fact that I was coming down with, what I now know is, the flu (I'm writing this from bed).  I did, however, have a delicious glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.  

What did you order to eat, and how was it?
What's pricing like?
While all brunch entree items are under $19, most are served a la carte, sans your typical home-fry or breakfast meat accompaniment. Commerce does not provide diners with a bread basket during a.m. meal service, and beverages are shockingly overpriced. Here's a peak of what my bill looked like:
Will you return to Commerce?

Definitely.  It's not the cheapest brunch in town, but I know that whenever I have a hankerin' for biscuits & gravy, I will look no further.  I've also heard that Commerce has a lovely dinner service and a bread basket worthy of an award. Another tidbit worth mentioning? The music.  Commerce plays everything from Waylon Jennings to Bob Marley. 

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