Brunch at Blue Water Grill
Monday, January 25, 2010 at 12:43PM
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*This restaurant has since closed.

*All photos from my meal can be found on Flickr

Lately, I've found myself very pleasantly surprised.  Case in point: Sushi Samba.  The last time I had dined at the chain's Park Avenue location (or any of their NYC locations, for that matter) was sometime in July...of 2006.  And honestly, post moijito #2, I don't remember too much about that meal.  After nearly four years, I returned to Sushi Samba in early January for dinner with my friend, Michelle.  Everything we ordered, from the rolls and Peruvian corn, to the dessert, was really fresh and delicious.  This left me wondering why so many New Yorker's dog this place.  Is it because the rolls are stuffed with prissy ingredients like lobster tempura?  Sushi Samba may not be the most authentic option in town, but who cares?  Does thoroughly enjoying a tropical rum-based cocktail (with or without one of those paper umbrellas), a bowl of salty edamame and a lobster-tempura roll make someone any less of a foodie?  Hell no.  And to anyone who thinks it does, well, get the F over yourself.

And speaking of pleasant surprises, I recently had an excellent brunch experience at Blue Water Grill that I can't stop gushing about!  Now, given BWG's (Blue Water Grill) heavy tourist-traffic location in Union Square, its massive physical space, and the shear fact that it's owned by hospitality giant, B.R. Guest, I automatically wrote the restaurant off, assuming that the food would only be mediocre, at best.

Located in a tri-level space that formerly housed the Metropolitan Bank, BWG's interior evokes casual elegance and sophistication.Upon being seated, Emily and I were presented with a basket filled with moist breakfast breads and a ramekin of fragrant strawberry-butter.

After perusing the bountiful menu, I ultimately chose the Lobster Benedict for my entree.  A large plate arrived with two thick slices of toasted lemon-pepper brioche (bread) that were each topped with a mound of steamed spinach, a perfectly-poached egg and a generous helping of warm hollandaise sauce.  Sauteed home fries (potatoes) and approximately eight-ounces of the freshest lobster meat this side of the Cape sat alongside the Benedict.  "Psssssh, I'll eat half of the food on this plate and then hit the gym.  I won't blow my diet," I said to myself.  Unfortunately, after one bite, it became very clear to me that in order to only consume 50% of my meal, I'd have to plan an exit strategy.  But what excuse could I use to leave the table?  I quickly decided that I was too tired and hungry to conjure up some stupid scheme.  And before I knew it, my entire meal had vanished before my very eyes; finding a nice little hiding place in my stomach.  Honestly, had Emily not slapped me after my first attempt, I would have licked that entire plate clean.

From its central and easily-accessible location, fabulous interior space that's well suited for patrons of all ages, and delicious food/drink, I wouldn't hesitate in calling BWG a "brunch destination."

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