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Brunch at Locanda Verde

Ever since it opened its doors on the corner of Greenwich & N. Moore Streets, I've been very anxious to dine at LV (Locanda Verde).  Set within Robert De Niro's Greenwich Hotel, LV's bustling atmosphere evokes that of an unpretentious apres-ski lodge. 

*All of my photos from this meal can be found on Flickr

Brunch at Locanda VerdeSince we had not made a reservation prior, the Le's and I decided that it would be safest to meet at LV for brunch at 11:30am.  "We should have no problem getting a table that early," I confidently-stated in my pre-meal email to Megan, "I mean, who gets up before 11am on a Sunday, anyways?" 

Do you want to know "who gets up before 11am on a Sunday?"  Just about every resident in Tribeca, where LV is located!  Remember, this is stroller-ville, after all, not the East Village.  Luckily, I arrived on the earlier side of our 11:30am meeting time and took the brunt of our quoted "45-minutes to 1-hour" wait for a table.  When Megan and Hung finally showed up, we were seated within ten-minutes.      

I was certain that, having patiently waited for a table for 50-minutes, this would be one of the best brunches of all time.

The good

  • Great interior space and atmosphere, including acoustics
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Affordably priced
  • Menu variety: view *here*

Brunch at Locanda Verde: there's something on the menu for everyone!

  • LeeLee Sobieski (+ baby, husband, and mom) was dining next to us!
  • Gratis bread plate, pre-meal: light-as-air, pillowy-soft focaccia slices that effortlessly melt in your mouth

Brunch at Locanda Verde: table bread

  • Sheep's Milk Ricotta: drizzled with truffle-honey, coarsely-ground black pepper, and a dusting of herbs - it's hard to believe that this is the same cheese that is used to make lasagna, for the texture is as light as whipped-cream and the flavor is as rich as marscapone.  Served at room-temperature, the ricotta is accompanied by buttery slices of burnt-orange toast.  This appetizer is, without a doubt, one of the most delicious "bread and cheese" combinations that I've ever had the pleasure of sampling.  Definitely something worth adding to your "death row wish list."

Brunch at Locanda Verde: Sheep's Milk Ricotta (appetizer)

  • Scampi & Grits: though I found the portion on the smaller side, I appreciated the concept behind this Italian version of "shrimp & grits."  Traditional southern grits were substituted with creamy polenta - whole shrimp were replaced with a robust, chunky tomato sauce that was laced with bite-sized morsels of shrimp and coarsely-ground sausage.  Two perfectly-coddled eggs completed the dish.

Brunch at Locanda Verde: "Scampi & Grits," an Italian play on traditional "Shrimp & Grits"

The "not necessarily bad, but definitely annoying"

  • Tre-Stelle: while I loved the combination of fruits in this house-made juice (pomegranate, blood orange, and Valencia orange), I found its $7 price tag incredibly ludicrous.  But with that being said, I'm the fool who consciously ordered and forked over the cash for this beverage!

Brunch at Locanda Verde: Tre-Stelle juice, $7 (only in NY!)

  • Megan ordered the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes and, after I took one taste of the lemon curd, I asked our waitress if it would be possible to send me home with a small helping.  "I know it's a random request, but I am more than happy to pay for it," I told her.  I realized that she had probably never had anyone inquire about lemon curd for take-away, but I figured that, especially since I was willing to pay for it, my question wouldn't have been taken as foreign as it was.  "Let me go and talk to the head chef," she said, with her eyebrows cinched.  Before I could tell her not to get the "head chef's" attention, she vanished.  Moments later, she returned to tell me that "the kitchen staff cannot honor your request, I'm sorry about that."  While I appreciated her efforts, I found it both extremely odd and passive-aggressive that she insisted upon getting both the "head chef" and "kitchen staff" involved.  One thing she did do exceptionally well?  Making me feel like a complete a-hole.            

No "ugly" here!

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i'm so glad i made reservations for today! that lemon curd is calling my name!

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