Dinner at Hill Country Chicken
Friday, October 8, 2010 at 4:13PM
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I'd been eagerly anticipating the opening of the Hill Country family's second Texas-themed venture, a "fried chicken shack" aptly named, Hill Country Chicken.  The vison behind this concept?  Well, it's simple: introduce and serve Texas-inspired fried chicken and comfort food to hungry New Yorkers.

Located within a bi-level space - just a block from Hill Country BBQ - the self proclaimed "chicken shack" is hardly that: from its peppy-colored linoleum flooring, kitschy cafeteria-style ordering system, spacious atmosphere, and ample seating, Hill Country Chicken is kind of like a small town's homecoming-queen, or that girl whom you went to high school with that drastically outshone the rest of her less attractive, far less interesting "competition."   

*Many of my photos from this meal can be found on Flickr

**Note: to date, I have both dined-in and taken-away from Hill Country Chicken

The good

Take-out from Hill Country Chicken: "Cowboy Pie

Take-out from Hill Country Chicken: homemade biscuit

The bad

Take-out from Hill Country Chicken: fauxmento cheese

The ugly

  1. Fried breast of chicken, $5.50
  2. Glass of "freshly squeezed" strawberry-lemonade, $3.25
  3. Slice of pie, $5
  4. Whole pie, $40 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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