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Sensory overload: eating my way through Hong Kong (in pictures)

Please enjoy this photographic "food porn" collage that accurately - and chronologically - depicts my culinary journey through Hong Kong and Macao.  Each picture is captioned with pertinent information and a description.

A more detailed re-cap of my vacation will be coming very soon!  Until then...Read it & eat!


Pre-flight meal at Wolfgang Puck's joint in the food court at JFK: breakfast pizza with scrambled egg, cheese, bacon, and red pepper~

Cathay Pacific: outbound meal #1Cathay Pacific: outbound meal #2Cathay Pacific: snack time = ramen noodles!~

First street snack in Hong Kong: homemade waffle topped with margarine, peanut butter, and sugar~

Dinner at Din Tai Fung: watching the dumpling-making-magic through the window at Din Tai FungDinner at Din Tai Fung: le menuDinner at Din Tai Fung: world's best soup dumplingsDinner at Din Tai Fung: shrimp & pork dumplingsDinner at Din Tai Fung: steamed pork bunsDinner at Din Tai Fung: handmade noodles topped minced pork & tofuDinner at Din Tai Fung: dessert bun w/ sesame paste~

Breakfast fruit plate: note the dragon fruit (white flesh w/ black seeds)~

Snack at Victoria Peak: sesame gelato~

Lunch in Mong Kok: sweetened, iced milk-teaLunch in Mong Kok: Portuguese egg tart (dessert)~

Dinner at West Villa: spicy beef with noodles and curryDinner at West Villa: the infamous "hairy crab" (note the hair on his legs) that was NOT all-that~

Fresh produce stand: Mui Wo Cooked Foods MarketFresh tofu: Mui Wo Cooked Foods Market~

Dinner at Crystal Jade: cucumber saladDinner at Crystal Jade: soup dumplingDinner at Crystal Jade: steamed pork bunDinner at Crystal Jade: prawns with spicy tomato sauceDinner at Crystal Jade: red bean pancake (dessert)~

High-tea at The Peninsula Hotel: le menuHigh-tea at The Peninsula Hotel: sweets/petit foursHigh-tea at The Peninsula Hotel: savories~

Breakfast served aboard the "Turbo Jet" ferry to Macao~

Lunch at "Red 8," Wynn Macao: dan-dan noodlesLunch at "Red 8," Wynn Macao: soup dumplingsLunch at "Red 8," Wynn Macao: fried noodles with pork~

Dinner at Fernando's, Macao: Portuguese breadDinner at Fernando's, Macao: garlic shrimp~

Dinner at Peking Garden: note "sea blubber" and "ice cold jelly fish"Dinner at Peking Garden: tablescapeDinner at Peking Garden: "Peking Duck" - note the charred beakDinner at Peking Garden: sliced Peking Duck~

One final lunch at Din Tai Fung: sliced cucumber with chili oil and garlicOne final lunch at Din Tai Fung: fried rice topped with fried, sliced pork chop

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Reader Comments (3)

Wow, that looks amazing. Very jealous. I used to go to Red 8 at Wynn in Vegas all the time.

Good stuff!!!!

November 16, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBrian Payne

I love the food pictures!! I am jealous and now hungry. How good were the dumplings? Were they your favorite meal?

November 16, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJoel

everything looks sooooo delicious! I will tell you right now that whatever I eat today is going to be tasteless after I saw those luscious pics!

November 17, 2010 | Unregistered Commentersarahe1

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