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BLT Prime

*This restaurant has since closed.

When I hear the word "man," there are a few things that immediately come to mind: deep voices, armpit hair, Adam's apples, and steak.  So after we whetted our palettes with a cocktail, we made our way towards BLT Prime, a modern-day meat & potatoes shrine that I have wanted to try for the longest.  Mom, Aunt Phyllis, Cousin Eric, and I had one of the most fun, delicious, and memorable meals together.  The food was rich and overly abundant, but the atmosphere was not...in a positive way.  While the decor was nothing short of sophisticated and chic, the tunes playing overhead were a mix of pop, classic rock, and motown - making every diner in the room feel, somehow, more at ease and comfortable.  The scene was hardly uptight and stuffy - something you may expect from a restaurant of that caliber/in this particular neighborhood (ahem, Novita!).

Dinner at BLT Prime: le menuDinner at BLT Prime: chicken liver pate and toast pointsDinner at BLT Prime: salumi assortmentsDinner at BLT Prime: mini grilled cheesesDinner at BLT Prime: pickled vegetablesDinner at BLT Prime: BLT's famous popoversDinner at BLT Prime: a look inside of the popoverDinner at BLT Prime: crabcakeDinner at BLT Prime: tuna tartareDinner at BLT Prime: filet o' beefDinner at BLT Prime: filet mignonDinner at BLT Prime: potato skinsDinner at BLT Prime: creamed spinachDinner at BLT Prime: hey, we tried!Dinner at BLT Prime: Happy 25th, Eric!Dinner at BLT Prime: from left to right - Aunt Phyllis, Cousin Eric, me, Mom

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