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Dinner at Club A Steakhouse

  • Cuisine: steakhouse
  • Atmosphere: red and black hues, dim lighting, romantic, "old school" sophistication/charm
  • Attire: business casual
  • Ideal for: small groups, 1x1, live entertainment, special occasion, romance
  • Price: expensive
  • Phone: 212-688-4190
  • Location: 240 E. 58th Street (between 2nd & 3rd Avenues)
  • Websiteclick *here*
  • Directions:  www.hopstop.com/?city=newyork
  • *All photos from this meal can be viewed on Flickr


    John, a Lunch Belle reader from Florida, asked me and a friend to join him for dinner at Club A Steakhouse during his recent business venture in NYC.  For me - a woman who, by fault, doesn't take herself that seriously - receiving an invitation to dine with one of my readers was both flattering and exciting.  Without question, I invited my dear Emily, who just so happens to be my biggest cheer leader and unofficial publicist.

    Unlike some of its competitors who are located on "grittier" blocks of NYC - ahem, Keen's Steakhouse or Peter Luger - Club A Steakhouse resides in one of East 58th Street's "dime a dozen," pristinely-maintained brownstones.  And it's location, believe it or not, is what truly sets this particular "beef shrine" apart.  Diners seem a tad bit more elegant and sophisticated, a trait that lends in creating a more demure and, coincidentally, romantic atmosphere.

    Em and I chose to arrive on the earlier side of our 7pm reservation so that we could briefly catch up over a glass of wine at the restaurant's bar.  Between sips of pinot noir and nibbles of CAS's (Club A Steakhouse) devilishly delicious house-made potato chips, 7pm quickly approached, as did our gracious host.

    House-made potato chips: now *this* is my type of bar snack!

    When John arrived, we greeted one another as if we'd been the closest of friends for years.  Actually, there is some truth to that statement, because John and I have been in contact for a couple of years.  Although he resides in the southeast, he makes frequent trips to NYC for both business and pleasure.  And prior to his arrivals, John typically emails me for restaurant recommendations, namely with his daughter, the theater buff, in tow.

    The three of us were immediately whisked off to our spacious round table, which was covered with a crisp, white cloth.  A single, tall dripping candle and a vase containing one freshly-cut pink rose adorned the table top.

    Our meal began with a bottle of red, a bountiful bread and butter basket, and a small tray dotted with Greek olives and nuggets of parmesan cheese.

    Notice the long-stemmed decanter!!An assortment of the freshest breads, paired with a sweet-cream butter

    Greek olives & parmesan cheese nuggets

    After perusing CAS's menu, we chose to begin with the Extra-Thick Sizzling Canadian Bacon.  Assuming that it would be similar to the version I've had at Peter Luger, I was completely surprised by what was actually presented.  CAS's bacon was at least three times the size of what is served at Luger's, meaning that there was much more succulent, smoky, and slightly caramelized meat.  For all of you pork lovers out there, this dish ranks at the top of my "must try before you die" list.  Absolutely phenomenal.  

    Quite possibly, this bacon could put an end to world wars if given as a peace offering.  Trust me, this hunk of love will change your life.

    Pork chop? No. Ham steak? No. This, my friends, is a thick "slice" of bacon. For my entree, I ordered the bone-in filet mignon, to be prepared medium-rare.  With a selection of seven side sauces, I chose the creamy-mushroom as an accompaniment to my steak.  And for the table, we agreed to split three side dishes: truffle macaroni & cheese, hashbrown potatoes, and creamed spinach.

    Not since my experience at Wolfgang's Steakhouse have I had such a quality cut of beef that was perfectly charred on the outside and moist and buttery on the inside.  Each bite was more tender and rich than the last.  Of the side dishes, all three were equally outstanding but, if I had to choose just one, then the hasbrowns would take home the trophy.  A crisp and salty exterior gave way to a pillow-soft interior.  

    From the bone-in filet mignon, moving clockwise: truffle macaroni & cheese, hashbrown potatoes, creamed spinachBone-in filet mignonAs if tons of bread and butter, bacon, steak, and three rich side dishes weren't enough, our server returned to make strawberries with homemade zabaione, table-side.

    Emily gave the zabaione her "thumb" of approval~

    Oh, what a night!  After dinner, we retired to CAS's second floor, where we sipped champagne and listened to live music.  

    From everything that encompassed CAS - decor, food, drink, and service - to my fabulous company, I had the pleasure of experiencing one of the most memorable and magical meals since the inception of The Lunch Belle.  Thanks again, John.  

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    Reader Comments (1)

    what a drool worthy review. i SWEAR i love meat so much it is just wrong!

    December 8, 2010 | Unregistered Commentersarahe1

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