CLOSED: Dessert at The Village Tart
Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 10:32AM
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"Are you in the mood for dessert?"  Moira asked.  "Because Pichet Ong's 'Village Tart' is right around the block (from Mexican Radio)."  Upon hearing the name, "Pichet Ong," all I could envision were his bacon-chocolate-cupcakes that I nearly made love to at Saveur's holiday party.  "Hell ya I'm in the mood for dessert!  Let's go, Moira!" 

Located next-door to Kenmare, the Village Tart shares the same charming aesthetics, reminiscent of a Parisian brasserie.  When Moira and I arrived, we were warmly greeted by Pichet, who proudly told us about his philosophy behind the menu.  

Moira and I split an ample slice of the carrot cake that was enveloped with a ridiculous amount of dulce-de-leche frosting.  Pichet insisted that we sip on a "wine cooler," which was quite delightful and 180-degrees different from what I was envisioning (Bartles & Jaymes' Pina Colada, anyone?).  I cannot wait to return to Village Tart to sample a wider variety of menu items and linger for an extended amount of time.

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