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South-bound & out of commish

Dearest Belle's Angels (that's you, reader!),

For those of you in the US, Happy (early) Memorial Day!  Here's to wishing you a much-deserved 3-day weekend filled with friends/family, après beach parties, and gorgeous weather. 

In my neck of the woods, Memorial Day serves as the marker for the inaugural weekend in the Hamptons.  Since the island of Manhattan will be virtually empty, this makes for the perfect opportunity to take advantage of otherwise crowded restaurants and bars, parks, museums, etc. for those of you staying local.  However, should you find yourself on the Northeast's own "Gold Coast," I highly recommend checking out some of my favorite eateries, in addition to East Hampton's newest hot spot, The Boathouse, brought to you by my friend and night life guru, Matt Levine.  

As for me?  Well, I'm headed to my home state of Texas.  First stop on the itinerary?  Lubbock, home to my alma mater, Texas Tech University, and my adorable god-daughter, Miss Blair.  The second leg of my trip will take me to Austin, where I will reunite with two of my very best friends-my sister-a cousin-and tag along at, what I'm certain will be, a very wild bachelorette party.  Aside from all of that, what I'm really looking forward to is eating and drinking my way from the Texas panhandle to the green and tranquil Hill Country.  Some places that I hope to visit are:

  • Whataburger: no one is capable of making a better breakfast taquito than this famous mini-chain.  I take mine with hash-browns, eggs, and American cheese
  • Guero's Taco Bar: delicious Mexican food & strong 'ritas, complete with a ginormous salsa/fixin's bar
  • Saltlick OR Lambert's OR The County Line OR Cooper's for some good ol' Texas BBQ
  • Taco Cabana: there's nothin', I mean nothin', like a bowl of warm queso dip and handmade flour tortillas to cure late-night hunger pangs

What better way to end a girl's weekend than by going to see the ultimate chick flick, Sex and The City 2?  In anticipation of the movie, I told Jessica, the buddy of mine whose house we're staying at in Austin, that she had better have the following ingredients on-hand to make Alize's "Hello, Lover!" cocktail:

Hello, Lover!  Cocktail recipe:

  • 2 parts Alize Red Passion
  • 2 parts Champagne
  • Serve chilled in a Champagne flute and garnish with fresh fruit

Seriously, how delicious does that sound?

And with that, dear readers, I bid you "adieu" until next week.  Enjoy your holiday weekend and stay tuned for a full round-up from my "Tour de Texas."

Read it & eat!


The Lunch Belle

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Reader Comments (2)

Look up Franklin BBQ while you are in Austin. It will change your view on what BBQ can really be. I-35 and 35th street. You need to show up around 10:45 to not wait in line for an hour.

Do it, and have fun while you are out here.

May 26, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBrian Payne

Great advice, B. Thanks so much! Lookin' forward to heading to Lbk & Austin...it's been a long time. I hope you're well.

May 26, 2010 | Registered CommenterThe Lady Who Lunches

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