Signs of the times
Tuesday, June 15, 2010 at 1:16PM
The Lady Who Lunches in Funny shit

Enjoy this pictoral collage of random street signs, tags, and crazies that I've collected over the past couple of years.  And don't you worry, there are plenty more to come! 


"NO HEELS!!!" Found near the Santa Monica Pier, CA"Surfer Crossing" street sign - San Diego, CAThe West Coast's "Wall Street" - La Jolla, CA~


Just in case things get a little "fresh" below street level, protection is sold in Paris subway stations.This poor dude lost a bet to his friends and ended up having to wearing a ding-dong costume on the streets of Paris.~


Outside of Buzz's Steakhouse - Kailua, HIBeware of the jelly-fish! Honolulu, HI~

New York

One of many "You Go Girl" tags that I've come across in Manhattan.Another "You Go Girl" sighting, 10.2010Really? I mean, that's cute and all, but it certainly takes the edge off of graffiti.An oldie, but a goodie - spotted on 26th Street in NYCQuite the piece of "art" on display in a Soho storefront - NYSnapped in TribecaSnapped in TribecaSnapped in TribecaHow pissed off would you be if this is how your "portrait" turned out? Harlem, 2010~


Cusco, PeruCusco, Peru~


Cooper's BBQ - Llano, TX

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