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CLOSED: Dinner at Quattro Gastronomia Italiana

  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Atmosphere: dramatic interior, bi-level, modern elegance
  • Attire: business-casual, dress to impress
  • Ideal for: date night, small groups, 1x1, trendy, business dining
  • Price: moderate to expensive; all pastas under $30, all entrees under $40
  • Phone: 212-842-4500
  • Location: 246 Spring Street (between 6th Avenue & Varick St.)
  • Website: click *here*
  • Directionswww.hopstop.com/?city=newyork

    *All photos from this meal can be viewed on Flickr

    Just as I was approaching the hotel, in true Trump fashion, the "America's Next Top Model" television crew was filming a dashing young man (Was it "The Donald's" eldest son, Donald Jr.?) who, I assumed, was either a Trump representative or one of the season's newest hosts.  "This is so fitting," I chuckled to myself.

    Housed within the breathtaking, newly opened Trump Soho Hotel, Quattro's second location (first being South Beach, Miami) appears to have found its niche among the neighborhood's chic clientele.  From the bar, finished in beveled mirrored glass - the floor to ceiling windows that seem to reach heavenly heights - to the interior finishes (deep-green colored subway tiles, grand chandeliers, bountiful fresh-flower bouquets), there were no "stones left unturned," in terms of aesthetics.

    Quattro: note the height of the bi-level restaurant's floor-to-ceiling windowsQuattro: interior spaceQuattro: view from my vantage point/seatQuattro: table settingAs I'm always the first of my party to arrive, I was pleased and shocked that the hostess immediately led me to my table, sans Megan and Hung. 

    Upon their arrival, we were handed food/drink menus and a bountiful basket filled with homemade breads.  A bottle of Quattro's own brand of olive oil served as an accompaniment for endless dipping.

    Quattro: le menuQuattro: bread basketQuattro: house-brand olive oilTo start, Megan and I chose to split the "Arancino Di Riso Alla Siciliana," which loosely translates to "Sicilian rice ball."  Quattro, however, took this dish-which, from my brief description above, may sound more like something you'd eat at a state fair, along with an order of fried Oreo's & funnel cake- to an elevated level.  Vibrantly-colored saffron risotto, fresh grean peas, and hearty beef ragu were gently folded together, and then formed in to a golf ball-sized mound.  Before taking a quick bath in the deep-fryer, the rice ball was dredged in breadcrumbs, which aids in creating that crispy, golden exterior crust.  The finished arancino is served atop a shallow pool of tomato sauce.

    Quattro: Arancino Di Riso Alla SicilianaI chose Quattro's "Antica Ricetta Della Lasagna" as my entree course.  Hearty beef ragu, Béchamel, and a cheese blend (ricotta and ?  All I know is that the "?" was a white, melting cheese that I assume wasn't mozzarella.) were sandwiched between four layers of dull-green tinged, homemade pasta ribbons.  What I'm about to say probably makes as much sense as, "He's the best-looking ugly guy I know," but, here goes: Quattro's was the lightest version, of lasagna, that I've ever experienced.  There is a true balance between ingredients or, should I say, an even dispersion.  One component, ricotta cheese, for example, doesn't overpower the entire dish, which I've seen in so many other recipes.

    Quattro: Antica Ricetta Della LasagnaAside from a couple of service mishaps and uneven pacing between courses, courtesy of our server, I was very pleased with my experience at Quattro.  Despite its elite allegiance and swanky address, menu pricing seemed in-line with comparable Italian restaurants within the vicinity.  From the lovely interior decor and grand space, to the delicious plates of fancified Italian comfort food, Quattro is a Soho gem.

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