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Dinner at L'asso

Homemade pies and garden-fresh salads served with a side of super model, L'asso

At L'asso, it's all about the brick-oven pizzas and really damn good salads - oh, and the delicious eye candy that comes in the form of models and trust fund babies who claim to be "artists."  The atmosphere - while perfectly comfortable and somewhat spacious (by Soho standards) - definitely takes a back seat to the fantastic, reasonably priced fare.

Dinner at L'asso: le menuDinner at L'asso: Hairemy ponders what to orderDinner at L'asso: gratis flat bread topped with olive oil, herbs, and accompanied by kalamata olives. This sure beats a boring sliced baguette!Dinner at L'asso: "passata di carciofi" is a creamy artichoke dip dotted with spicy jalapenos, served with grilled country bread. I found this appetizer to be just "OK," as I felt that it was missing something - salt, perhaps.Dinner at L'asso: arugula salad tossed with pear, pancetta, candied walnuts, ricotta salata, white wine vinegar, and honey. I'd return to L'asso solely for this salad - it was *that* good.Dinner at L'asso: we ordered a large pie with the option of customizing each half. From the top down: homemade meatballs and onions, quattro formaggi (four cheeses: provolone, mozzarella, gorgonzola, parmesan)Dinner at L'asso: a slice - or two - of heaven on a plateDinner at L'asso: are you familiar with the phrase, "stop while you're ahead?" Well, we should have ended our meal on a savory note - not on a sweet one. L'asso's "Smores Pizza" was an overly-sweet over-kill.

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