Dinner delivered, courtesy of Choza Taqueria
Thursday, July 1, 2010 at 2:00PM
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Baja delivered, Choza Taqueria

This past June, I spent the better part of 1.5 weeks serving as a juror on a criminal trial.  Since the judge gave us more-than-a-leisurely amount of time for lunch everyday, I was able to explore the culinary territory that surrounded the courthouse.  Set amidst the various judicial buildings was an outdoor dining area that included a burger shack, a pizza joint, and a taqueria.  With the latter being my obvious choice of the three, I was disappointed to find that, of the week that I was downtown, Choza Taqueria was not open.  Story of my life!

My luck turned around when I read that Choza had opened a location in to my neck of the woods (27th/28th Streets & Madison Avenue).  While the menu read akin to that of a Q'doba or Chipotle, I was anxious to sample similar food items from a quick-Mex concept that was not a chain.

The verdict: two thumbs up.  Choza doesn't cut corners when it comes to the use of fresh, high-quality, local ingredients (the tortillas come from Tortilleria Nixtamal in Queens!).  This practice results in quick-Mex that is surprisingly healthy and incredibly delicious.  Are you ready for the proverbial "cherry on top?"  Choza's owner hails from Southern California, which means he knows his Mexican food.  Win win.

Dinner delivered, courtesy of Choza Taqueria: handmade salsa rojo de tomateDinner delivered, courtesy of Choza Taqueria: salsa verde con aguacateDinner delivered, courtesy of Choza Taqueria: guacamoleDinner delivered, courtesy of Choza Taqueria: tostadosDinner delivered, courtesy of Choza Taqueria: grilled corn-on-the-cob, Mexican style Dinner delivered, courtesy of Choza Taqueria: Carne asada taco - grilled hangar steak topped with a guajillo salsa & pico de galloDinner delivered, courtesy of Choza Taqueria: Taco de Pollo - marinated chicken breast with roasted chilies & tomatoes, topped with arbol-chili salsa & grilled onionsDinner delivered, courtesy of Choza Taqueria: Carnitas taco - pork simmered with citrus, chilies & seasonings, topped with tomatillo salsa & pickled onions/carrots

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