A TEARFUL UPDATE: dinner at Gus & Gabriel Gastropub
Tuesday, July 20, 2010 at 4:22PM
The Lady Who Lunches in Funny shit
*UPDATE* Just when I thought that my day was looking up, I came across this gut-wrenching article.  Grab a box of Kleenex and click *here* to read it and weep for yourself.  Damn you, Psilakis!
*All photos from this meal can be viewed on Flickr
What’s the space like?
Dark, railroad-style (long and narrow), casual, pre-war space with hardwood floors - crown molding adorning the ceilings and base boards, small tables situated very awkwardly close together
How was the service?
Not memorable: neither outstanding nor horrendous.  Our server was a total know-it-all whipster (wannabe hipster)      
What did you drink?
I enjoyed a frosty mug filled with Virgil’s Root Beer, sans ice.
How was the food?
Gus & Gabriel Gastropub (let’s just simplify things and call it “G&G” for short, OK?) can best be summed up with three key words: Greasy. Shit. Show.  Now stop with your gasping and/or pretending that you don’t cuss, because when I refer to a “greasy shit show,” I am saying that with the highest regard and praise possible.  You can deep-fry just about anything and I'll eat it; but for those of you with healthier diets than mine, I'm here to tell you that this Upper Westside greasy spoon is seriously legit and worth every last finger licking calorie.  Bottom line, folks: if you’re avidly psychotically watching your waistline, avoid this place like the swine flu.
*Note: Upon our visit, Emily and I decided to split all three of the plates we ordered in half.

What’s pricing like?
Here’s a snapshot of our bill:
Will you return to Gus & Gabriel Gastropub?
I don't think that I can say "yes" fast enough.  G&G's serves "American bar food" made with the highest quality ingredients, skill and nostalgia.  The prices are more-than legit, which is such a rarity in Manhattan.  I look forward to many return visits and cured hangovers!
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