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Dinner at Ca Va 


Ca Va Todd English French, brasserie

OK, so I know that I called Todd English out for his "anti ranch dressing" rant - and - because of this, the thought of dining at one of his restaurants was the last place that I wanted to spend my hard-earned cash.  However, when Dara gave me the choice between meeting for dinner at Park Avenue Summer or Ca Va, I chose the latter.  Why?  First reason: the menu looked more "user friendly" in the fact that there appeared to be at least one dish on the menu for even the most discerning palate.  Secondly, the difference in price between the two restaurants was semi-astronomical.  Hell, at least all of the entrees at Ca Va were under $31; not so at PAS.

Aside from the fact that most of our dishes could have arrived a pinch warmer, I enjoyed every other aspect of my experience at Ca Va.  There.  I said it.  I have officially succumbed to Todd English's delicious spell. 

Here are some stand outs:

  • Aesthetics and interior decor rich walnut hues, high ceilings, handsome leather banquettes, spacious, sophisticated, contemporary
  • Service when Dara and I dined at Ca Va, the restaurant was in its infancy - I doubt that it was older than 3-weeks.  In most cases, diners put themselves at risk when they cross the "new restaurant" threshold.  Spotty service is to be expected.  My experience at Ca Va, however, could not be farther from that assumption.  From our waiter to the bus-boy's, the service that we received was nearly flawless.  I was astounded by the employees' knowledge of the food and drink menus, and their precision in meal pacing. 
  • Food this was elegant brasserie fare at its finest.  Here is a list of the dishes that Dara and I split, in chronological order: 

Saucisse En Croute / French sausage wrapped in puff pastry

French Onion Soup
(NYC's best, I might add)

Creamy Spinach

Red Wine Braised Beef Short Rib with Roasted Salsify & truffle jus

Truffle Macaroni Orzo 'N Cheese

Chickpea Fries with Red Pepper Harissa & Chorizo Dust

*To view all of my pictures from this meal, please visit Flickr

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