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Bon-voyage & birthday cake: taking "30" on the road

Dear readers,

Can you believe that we're already in the second week of August?  This summer has flown by faster than Steven Slater escaped via emergency slide!

Each year, my birthday tends to stretch from a 24-hour fiesta to a 30-day celebration.  Sound a bit narcissistic?  Sure, I'll give you that, however, there are various reasons as to why August 6th seems to have no end in sight: 

  • I've never really been part of a clique.  Hanging out with the same people day in and day out makes me nauseous.  Therefore, I have several unique groups of friends.  Due to unsuccessful attempts at co-mingling in the past, I find that it's easier to plan 1x1 and/or inner-group dates, instead.
  • I hate being the "center of attention" at an event in my honor.  It's just awkward.  Period.  This year, I decided that instead of celebrating my 30th year at a bar on Friday, August 6th-when many of my friends would be Hamptonizing or on holiday-that I would host a party at my apartment (read: comfort zone)-on the Saturday after Labor Day, instead.  This way, more people will be in town and my guests will be the center of attention, taking some of the pressure off of me - plus, it gives me an excuse to organize/clean and cook!
  • Plus, making your "dirty thirty" debut is kind of a big deal that warrants a month-long celebration.  It's all downhill after this one, folks!

Within this past week, I've dined everywhere from Tulcingo del Valle, Q'doba, Mole, Barros Luco and the Eggs Travaganza Cart to Ca Va Todd English's new spot, Armani Ristorate 5th Avenue, and Gnocco.  It's been quite the gluttonous whirlwind, and this only marks the beginning...

...Which leads me in to my next blurb: V A C A T I O N.  Today at 4:40pm, the Jitney (Ambassador class, baby.  Don't get it twisted.) will whisk me off to Amagansett, where I will spend the next 2.5 days, before catching a Sunday afternoon flight to San Diego.

So there you have it folks, I'm taking "30" on the road.  My content (publishing-wise) may be a bit inconsistent over the next week, but don't fret - there will be an abundance of upcoming posts highlighting fantastic, local eats (lobster rolls in Montauk - fish tacos in San Diego) and killer photos, to boot.  Stay tuned!

Read it & eat,

The Lunch Belle   

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