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An interview with Dannelle from "GoodGoodies" + I taste (and love) my first vegan/gluten-free dessert

Like Giada deLaurentis, Dannelle is one of those female foodie-types that you love to hate; not only is she gorgeous and blessed with a Barbie doll-like figure, but the girl really knows her way around a kitchen!  To answer the age-old question, "Is there such thing as a perfectly well-rounded person?"  Why yes, as a matter of fact, there is! 

Aside from her physical beauty - enviously high metabolism - and culinary wizardry, Dannelle wears many other hats: wife, mother, and financier-by-day / baker-extraordinaire-by-night.  You simply cannot help but fall under her sweet, confectionary spell.

When Dannelle and I were initially introduced via email, I wasn't quite sure how to envision myself sampling - let alone liking - vegan and vegan-gluten-free baked goods.  What did all of those fancy, nouveau words mean, anyways?

In what almost seemed like a drug deal, I slipped away from my cubicle and met Dannelle in front of my office building.  "Hi, here's the stuff," she said, while handing me a small, black tote bag.  "Thanks, I'll give these a try and let you know how they are," I said. 

Luckily, I returned to my desk before anyone could miss me.

As I reached in to the black tote and pulled out its contents, I was impressed by Dannelle's product packaging.  Three mini, jam-filled muffins stood in unison under a sealed plastic container that was topped with a round "GoodGoodies" sticker (denoting contact info, etc.). 


GoodGoodies™ Gluten-Free & Vegan TreatsAfter cutting one of the treats in half, I was pleased to observe that, in the center of each, was a sizeable dollop of strawberry jam.  My first bite evoked earthy flavors of course grain and a hint of sweetness from the jam.  I was warmly surprised by the muffin's moist and supple texture.  "This can't be vegan/gluten-free," I kept saying under my breath, "it tastes too damn good!"

GoodGoodies™ Gluten-Free & Vegan TreatsWith so many questions running rampant in my head, I decided that, instead of assuming that Dannelle had "punked" me (there's just no way that healthy food can taste that good!), I would arrange a formal Q&A to set the record straight.   

Read it and eat,



GoodGoodies™ Gluten-Free & Vegan TreatsHow did you come up with the name Good Goodies?

  • My husband actually came up with the name. I had made him some cupcakes and I told him that I made some goodies for him. When he tasted them he said, "Boy these are some good goodies!," and the name stuck.

How long has your business been around?

  • I started the business in October 2009.

Why do you make vegan and vegan-gluten-free products?

  • GoodGoodies™ is my gift to Vegans, Gluten-Free eaters and to those who want a GoodGoodie™ that's good for you. Since those of us who are on special diets have to sacrifice taste and a lot of our childhood comfort foods, I wanted to help make that transition go more smoothly by making the desserts we were used to eating more healthy. Personally, my unrelenting sweet tooth led me on a quest to find delicious, healthy, baked goodies that were not sickeningly sweet or tasteless. After a long, sad, unsuccessful search I asked myself, "Why can't someone make a delicious, fair priced vegan treat that would make me feel comfortable serving it to my 2 year old and my husband?" So, instead of waiting for "someone" to create something I became that someone.  

What are the main ingredients in vegan/gluten-free products?

  • I use a lot of natural oils (i.e. sunflower, canola) and fruits in my desserts. Along with unbleached flours and natural extracts. For obvious reasons I can't reveal all my secret ingredients, but those listed are the main ones 

Do you have a website?  If not, how do people order from you?  Contact you?

  • My website is still a work in progress www.degoodgoodies.com but I hope to have it up and running by the end of this month. In the meantime, I take orders by referrals or by people e-mailing me at degoodgoodies@gmail.com and I will send them my order sheet.

Are you prepared for large delivery orders?

  • Am I prepared for large orders? Well, it would depend on the size of the order and when it is needed by. I've done large orders in the past for birthday parties and family gatherings and it was a successful experience.

What is your end-goal for Good Goodies?

  • My end-goal for GoodGoodies™ is to have my own shop and to also have my goodies available for purchase at other retailers.

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Reader Comments (2)

Hi Everyone,

I am happy to report that my site is now up and running. Please come and visit:

August 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDannelle

I've place orders with Dannelle and have sampled her treats... DELICIOUS!!!!!

December 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAngela Cucinotto-Brownrigg

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