An interview with Dannelle from "GoodGoodies" + I taste (and love) my first vegan/gluten-free dessert
Thursday, August 5, 2010 at 2:32PM
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Like Giada deLaurentis, Dannelle is one of those female foodie-types that you love to hate; not only is she gorgeous and blessed with a Barbie doll-like figure, but the girl really knows her way around a kitchen!  To answer the age-old question, "Is there such thing as a perfectly well-rounded person?"  Why yes, as a matter of fact, there is! 

Aside from her physical beauty - enviously high metabolism - and culinary wizardry, Dannelle wears many other hats: wife, mother, and financier-by-day / baker-extraordinaire-by-night.  You simply cannot help but fall under her sweet, confectionary spell.

When Dannelle and I were initially introduced via email, I wasn't quite sure how to envision myself sampling - let alone liking - vegan and vegan-gluten-free baked goods.  What did all of those fancy, nouveau words mean, anyways?

In what almost seemed like a drug deal, I slipped away from my cubicle and met Dannelle in front of my office building.  "Hi, here's the stuff," she said, while handing me a small, black tote bag.  "Thanks, I'll give these a try and let you know how they are," I said. 

Luckily, I returned to my desk before anyone could miss me.

As I reached in to the black tote and pulled out its contents, I was impressed by Dannelle's product packaging.  Three mini, jam-filled muffins stood in unison under a sealed plastic container that was topped with a round "GoodGoodies" sticker (denoting contact info, etc.). 


GoodGoodies™ Gluten-Free & Vegan TreatsAfter cutting one of the treats in half, I was pleased to observe that, in the center of each, was a sizeable dollop of strawberry jam.  My first bite evoked earthy flavors of course grain and a hint of sweetness from the jam.  I was warmly surprised by the muffin's moist and supple texture.  "This can't be vegan/gluten-free," I kept saying under my breath, "it tastes too damn good!"

GoodGoodies™ Gluten-Free & Vegan TreatsWith so many questions running rampant in my head, I decided that, instead of assuming that Dannelle had "punked" me (there's just no way that healthy food can taste that good!), I would arrange a formal Q&A to set the record straight.   

Read it and eat,



GoodGoodies™ Gluten-Free & Vegan TreatsHow did you come up with the name Good Goodies?

How long has your business been around?

Why do you make vegan and vegan-gluten-free products?

What are the main ingredients in vegan/gluten-free products?

Do you have a website?  If not, how do people order from you?  Contact you?

Are you prepared for large delivery orders?

What is your end-goal for Good Goodies?

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