The Plaza (Hotel) Food Hall, by Todd English
Wednesday, September 1, 2010 at 12:32PM
The Lady Who Lunches in Restaurant reviews

We met my Aunt Phyllis here for a quick lunch before heading uptown to the NY Botanical Garden.  I had been wanting to check out this upscale "food court" for the longest, and we were all very impressed.  Our sharable meal proved to be the perfect amount of food for three ladies, and the atmosphere was positively chic and fabulous.  Plus, this wasn't the type of "food court" where you walk around aimlessly, trying to decide between Hot Dog On A Stick or Panda Express - no, you are seated at a table, and given a menu with a lengthy melange of the various options within the food hall.  Someone else, a server, does the "running around" for you.  How much do you love that?

The Plaza Food Hall: interior spaceThe Plaza Food Hall: Mom peruses the menuThe Plaza Food Hall: Greek saladThe Plaza Food Hall: vegetable "sushi" rollsThe Plaza Food Hall: "Bronx Bomber" flatbread/pizza

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