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The Lunch Belle's 2011 Holiday Gifting Guide

My "Oh shit, the holidays are next week!" Gift Guide


Gift cards that don't suck:  plastic that will make anyone smile

  • Whole Foods (check website to make sure there's a store in your recipient's location)
  • Fandango
  • Lululemon (for her)
  • Momofuku Milk Bar  TLB note:  Now shipping their amazing products all over!  3 words to remember:  B'Day Cake Truffles. 


For the imbiber:  the boozer of the bunch

  • Banana Republic for Clos du Bois holiday wines, from $16.99 - see bottle above.  TLB note:  Now, ask yourself, "Have I seen anything cuter or more fashion-forward on a wine bottle?"  Doubtful.
  • Disposable flasks, $10.49 for a set of 3  TLB note:  Perfect for everyone's favorite frat boy (who never grew up).
  • Inside Out Champagne Glasses, $70 for a pair - see below.  TLB note:  OK, so they're kinda' pricey but, seriously, how unique are these? 


For your homegirl/boy:  the recipient who relishes their abode


For the fatty or the foodie:  "I live to eat!"


Jewels that won't break the bank:  affordable elegance


If money is no object:  Because...a girl can dream.

  • Kilian's Liaisons Dangereuses Eau de Parfum, $225  TLB note:  You're going to have to trust me on this one, folks, for this is the best smelling perfume on the planet.  Hands down.
  • Cartier Love Bracelet, pink gold and diamonds, $9,350 - see below.  TLB note:  And the most romantical thing about this timeless piece?  The bracelet comes w/ a lock & key so, once you put it on, the person who gifts you keeps the "key," symbolizing eternal love.  Awe! 



Until we eat again,

The Lunch Belle

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