NYC tourist-tip of the day 
Wednesday, March 2, 2011 at 1:46PM
The Lady Who Lunches in NYC tourist tips

If you're coming to The Big Apple from another state or country, do yourself a favor and expand your dining horizons!  For god's sake, avoid McDonald's - Olive Garden - Red Lobster - TGIFriday's - and the like.  Support local business.  Educate your mind and belly!

On that note, grab a pen.  Because it makes sense to jot down which foods and beverages NYC is famous for:

...and remember, you don't come to Gotham for Southern-style BBQ or San Fransisco-style Mexican food.  So do your homework and take advantage of what WE have to offer!  Trust me, you'll be 'mighty glad you did.

Read it & eat,

The Lunch Belle

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