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Save the date: April (snow) showers bring May flowers & an UWS foodiEVENT!

Dear readers,

For those of you in the NYC area, it's hard to believe that we're merely hours away from the first day of April.  Today's weather is cold, dark and clammy - and it's not expected to improve in the hours or days to come.  Actually, the forecast is said to be taking a turn for the worse.  That's right, folks: tomorrow morning, we'll be waking up to a sheet of snow.  Bad April Fool's Day joke?  Nope, just another reality of living in a part of the country where the average winter lasts 4-5 months.  Will someone please remind me again why I live here? 

While I'll be the first to admit how incredibly miserable that all sounds, I must give NYC credit for having the most consistently gorgeous Spring seasons in the entire world.  Honestly, it's probably worth all of the brisk and brutal weather for the 4-6 weeks of shear bliss that we so deserve sometime between April and May: canopies of cherry blossom trees, clear blue skies dotted with cotton-ball clouds, perfectly-manicured park grass, tulips - in various shades of the rainbow - as far as the eye can see, birds not just pigeons chirping, people smiling and making eye contact with one another, occupied al-fresco cafe tables, etc.  Etcetera.  Etcetera.

Did you know? Cherry Blossom trees were gifted (to the USA) by the Japanese as a celebration of friendship in 1912. This spring, the blossoms are especially symbolic after Japan's devastating quake.What I also love about Spring in NYC is how late that it both begins and ends: mid-April through the end of May, respectively.  And with all of the warmer weather comes a slew of fabulous, pre-summerizing-in-the-Hamptons soirees, galas, and events.  One that seems particularly noteworthy is the fourth-annual Whole Food Market's New Taste of The Upper West Side, which takes place Friday, May 20 and Saturday, May 21.  With uber-popular celebrity co-hosts, Adam Richman (Man v Food) and Dylan Lauren (Dylan's Candy Bar), Zagat honoree Dana Cowin (Editor in Chief of Food & Wine Magazine), and an exciting roster of events, it's probably a wise idea that you purchase tickets to this 2-day foodiEVENT now/in the near future!  I know that I am!

*Click on the picture, below, for more details:


Until we eat again,

The Lunch Belle

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