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Momofuku "Crack" Bar's Strawberry-lemon cake truffles

Holy crack.  They've turned me in to a fiend.

I could not not tell y'all about the best thing that I've put in my mouth since my meal at Melt Shop.  On Monday night, I found myself around the perimeter of Madison Square Park, killing time between appointments.  Beyond the tree tops, I observed a blanket of white tents and recalled that, until June 4th, Madison Square Eats was in full-effect.  "Yessssssssssssssssssss," I mumbled, channeling my inner Kip.  

Sure, there were and still are plenty of kiosks that I have yet to try, but it was Momofuku Milk Bar - a Lunch Belle favorite - that beckoned.  The first thing I noticed?  The bakery was selling their famous cookies in single packs instead of in denominations of six or more.  Tempting.  But it was their "cake truffles" that caught my eye, as I'm a die-hard, Southern-style petit four type of girl.  "I've had your 'birthday cake' flavor before," I explained to the helpful Milk Bar employee.  "Do you think I should do that again, or try the strawberry-lemon?"  She suggested that I go with the latter, justifying that it wasn't as cloyingly sweet as its cousin.  Not that "cloyingly" is a bad thing.  At least not in my eye.  

On my walk home, I decided to rip in to the dainty plastic bag stuffed with a trio of plump truffles.  I anxiously reached in, grabbed one, and took a bite.  "Oh!"  I shrieked, "my god!"  I stopped in my tracks and stood, literally frozen, in the middle of the sidewalk - completely overcome by an edible orgasm.  Do I eat all three of these truffles right here, right now?
Do I run back to the Milk Bar kiosk and buy every single package of the strawberry-lemon cake truffles that they have?  What the hell do they put in these things, crack?  I was conflicted.  I mean, god forbid I would want more than three truffles in one sitting.  I can't believe I'm admitting this "out loud." 

If you read my interview with Bobbie Lloyd, President of Magnolia Bakery, then you probably recall the peculiar way in which I eat a cupcake.  Well, Milk Bar's cake truffles have the identical consistency/texture of what becomes of my cupcake - something I now call my "stircake."  It's much more moist and has a better ratio of icing/crunch to cake.  The strawberry-lemon cake truffles are indeed sweet, but they're packed with a tangy punch from the lemon, which counteracts what the employee described as "cloyingly."  If you enjoy lemon-flavored products or lemonade - in fact, if you like strawberry-lemonade - then you will love these voluptuous treats.   

So if you're still unfamiliar with a cake truffle/ball, here's a brief description: imagine a super moist wad of cake - flavor of your choice, of course - packed neatly in to a perfectly-shaped ball (roughly the size of a golfball) and either rolled in to some sort of topping or dipped in to icing.  Here's a good visual - though this is NOT a cake truffle from Momofuku Milk Bar.  It gives you the idea, though - plus, I know that "red velvet cake" is all the rage:

Found on: Big Mama's Home KitchenWhether you visit them, before June 4th, at Madison Square Eats or at either of Momofuku Milk Bar's two "brick and mortar" locations, here's a word of advice: Get. These. Truffles. Now.  


Until we eat again,

The Lunch Belle

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