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TLB Office Consulting: helping you manage daily catered meal programs

For those of you out there who are fortunate enough to be employed at a company who still offers daily catered breakfasts/lunches, I'm not only green with envy for obvious reasons (we have water fountains at my office...does that count?), but for the fact that, at one point in time, feeding hungry professionals was to be my 'day job.'

Most people cringe at the thought, the sheer gravity of handling and being responsible for feeding upwards of 100 hungry employees on a daily basis.  It's no small task!  And to successfully choose unanimously-pleasing, semi-balanced meals, day in and day out?  Well, that's not simple, either.  But here's something that is: I get it. 

So, for any receptionists/administrative assistants out there who have been assigned the laborious task of managing your company's catered meals program - whether it's traditional or via Seamless Web - and are completely overwhelmed ... Or, if you're a disgruntled employee who's unhappy with the catering at your place of work, I am here to help.  For 2+ years, I used to manage the daily catered lunch program at a prominent hedge fund for approximately 100 employees.  This experience is actually what planted the seed for starting The Lunch Belle in 2007...hence the name of my website.

Shoot me an email with a brief description of what you've been delegated or are up against: Lindsay@TheLunchBelle.com.  I will respond to your inquiry within 24-hours, guaranteed.  


Your ghost writer consultant & secret to success,

The Lunch Belle 

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