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Things that make you go "grrrr"

I'm in a sassy mood today.  Everything is driving me nuts - chapping my hide - and getting on my last nerve.  Here are a couple of straws, slowly piling on top of one other, that are about to break this camel's back at any given moment:

*The fact that, when you click on any one of Grub Street's links, you're automatically taken away from the website and redirected to that particular hyperlink's page.  Hitting the "back button" is a necessary and super annoying evil.

*Seeing "back to school" commercials in July: if this pisses me off, I can only imagine how angry school-age kids become.  I mean, what a total summer buzz kill!  For the love of god, can't Target wait just a couple more weeks? 

*People who cannot control the blow dryer in the women's locker room: I'm putting on my mascara and you're blowing your hair dry - we're sharing the same primping mirror.  Control your hand motions and stop pointing the dryer's barrel towards my face!  

*Xi'an Famous Foods: not what I expected at all.  The noodles were good, but the setup of the joint was a total clusterf+ck.  You place your food order at a tiny counter IMMEDIATELY after entering the restaurant - pay - and, after all of this, are finally able to grab a seat.  Order numbers are yelled out and served on a long table for the customer to retrieve.  There is no soy sauce or napkins on the tables or, anywhere in sight, and, if you ask an employee for one or the other, you feel like the "local yokel."  Look, I wasn't expecting a 5-star restaurant/service, but a little something to wipe-off my hands and mouth, and some liquid sodium for my noodles wouldn't have been too shabby.  That's all. 

*The lack of sandwich variety at Pret-a-Manger: granted, I love my Avocado/Pine Nut wrap, but what's going to happen when I'm in the mood for something else?  After all, I've already "overdone" everything else on their menu.  And to add insult to injury, Pret did away with my favorite sandwich of all time, the tomato/brie baguette.  

*Coworkers who sneeze w/o covering their mouths: we have three culprits in our office, and they haven't a clue that the rest of us are repulsed, even though I've sent a multitude of passive/aggressive mass "Ms. Manners" emails.          

*Spin instructors who have the crappiest playlists: bad music can make a 45-minute class feel like a 2-hour trek up the Alps.  Hold that cheesy Neil Diamond song for the stretching session and give me my rap/hip hop!

I'm curious: what's driving you nuts today? 


Until we eat again,

The Lunch Belle

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