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New Year's resolutions: everyone's got 'em. Here are some of mine...

New Year's resolutions are like Facebook accounts.  Everybody has one...or two...

OK.  I know.  It's January 12th, not December 31st or even January 1st.  But there's no time like the present to share my New Year's resolutions. 

Looking back, 2011 was one of my healthier years:  I dropped 30-pounds and found exercise, again, after a 13-year hiatus (no, that was not a typo).  I quit smoking again and I'm hoping that, after 4-months of being pack-free, this time it will finally stick. 

2011 was also quite sobering in terms of personal relationships:  a handful of friendships were severed and, most painfully, a relationship with someone whom I so cherished ended abruptly.  The regret and weight of that rash and "heat of the moment" decision is, at times, almost too overwhelming/unbearable.

On the flip side, however, 2011 brought about an abundance of positively wonderful things:  New friendships were forged and amazing experiences and opportunities were had.  

And, without further ado, my resolutions for 2012:

  • Think long and hard before sharing monumental information/opinions, both verbally and electronically
  • Don't review a friend's restaurant.  Period.  No matter what.
  • Find NYC's best frozen, on-the-rocks, and straight-up margarita
  • Write more...thank you's, I love you's, and blog posts
  • Host more gatherings at my apartment
  • Keep my apartment clean at all times, not just because I'm expecting guests
  • Say NO
  • Cook more meals at home
  • Be proud of who I am and what I've accomplished
  • Try to be less guarded
  • Be more vulnerable in love
  • Allow my intuition to be the louder voice over that of my friends/family
  • Enjoy more nights out with the girls
  • Maintain my exercise routine
  • Wear sunscreen everyday

Those are mine.  What do your New Year's resolutions look like?  And how are your efforts going, thus far?


Let's make 2012 our best yet!

The Lunch Belle

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Reader Comments (1)

Excellent list that I eerily feel like I could have written myself. Happy new year! Here's to an amazing 2012!

January 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterErin S.

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