Dinner at Miss Lily's
Monday, February 20, 2012 at 2:42PM
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Miss Lily's:  132 W. Houston St. (at Sullivan St.), NYC 10012

If it's Jamaican food that you crave - with a side of trendy and a dash of eye candy - look no further than Miss Lily's.  Think:  hip, retro 'diner' aesthetics, familiar reggae tunes, an incredibly sexy staff, and solid eats/drinks.

PS:  Miss Lily's is also home to a bake shop and sandwich counter, Miss Lily's Favourite Cakes - Melvin's Juice Box, for all of you health nuts out there - and Miss Lily's Variety, a West Indian record store-themed gallery and boutique.

Le menu: pretty damn legitIt's not truly Jamaican if there's not a bottle of Pickapeppa Sauce on the table...Miss Lily's does not have a FULL bar, so the "alcohol" used to make mixed drinks is some form of rice wine. License of not, I loved my cocktail: the "Pressure Drop" sung with notes of fresh lime juice and mint.Ackee Dip & Plantain Chips: we got the night started with this delicious "chip and dip" appetizer. Ackee, the national fruit of Jamaica, was used to create a dip that tasted relatively similar to hummus, in both flavor and texture. Freshly-fried plantain chips accompanied.Grilled lobster: my entree plate included dressed organic greens - an ear of 'Jerk Grilled Corn' with toasted coconut - and an ample amount of fresh, grilled lobster that was accompanied by an addictively delicious garlic-butter sauce. This dish was delightful, filling, exotic, and relatively healthy. I enjoyed every bite.Coconut cake: between each of the four coconut cake layers was a ring of thick, coconut pudding. Sweet, meringue icing and toasted coconut nibs enveloped the cake. Fabulous!Homemade 'Grape Nuts (the cereal, people!)' Ice Cream: as odd as this flavor sounded, I simply could not pass up ordering it for the table. And, believe it or not, all three of us enjoyed what tasted similar to a bowl of sugared Grape Nuts Cereal that had been sitting in milk for a wee-bit too long. Trust me on this one, folks, you don't want to miss this!~~~

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