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A tea party in the sky with Chambre de Sucre

Dear readers,

When it comes to pampering myself, there's nothing that I relish or look forward to more than a lazy 3-day weekend.  Especially if it's in the dead of winter (...albeit an unusually warm winter).  So, in the weeks and days leading up to President's Day, I made sure to keep my calendar as clear as possible.  With the exception of a dear friend's birthday dinner and a handful of exercise classes, the only schedule that I wanted to abide by was the chronological lineup of television shows on my DVR queue.   That was until I received an invitation to Chambre de Sucre's launch event...

How could I say "no" to a Saturday afternoon tea party that was going to be held at the 45th-story penthouse of a ritzy Upper East Side apartment building?  Aside from the obvious draw of having 'high tea' high above Manhattan, I was fascinated by and wanted to learn more about Chambre de Sucre

Now in its 270th year, CdS's (Chambre de Sucre) artisanal sugars are handcrafted by one of the oldest family-owned businesses in Japan.  Yep, I said Japan.  Don't let that fancy French name fool you!  Since the time of the Shogun, in fact, CdS has been the exclusive provider of sugar to Japan's Royal Family!  Doesn't that brag-worthy tidbit pique your interest? 

Despite being armed with the above information about the company, I was still curious:  what made up CdS's spectrum/range of products, aside from the obvious?  Varying forms and colors of granulated sugar, perhaps?  Regardless of my questions and curiosity, I was confident that their sweet array - in any form - would be spectacular.  After all, Kathy Chan (famous culinary writer) is the company's second woman in command in the US of A.


OK, now for the fun part:  a stunning and very delicious picture collage...

I call this, "how the other half sees Manhattan...and Brooklyn...and Queens." 365 degree views from the 45th-floor penthouse terrace!

A selection of teas / iced tea - In the top pic, note the teacups in the background w/ the built-in spoon holder!Sugar takes every shape and form!The "angel's wings" hugging the champagne glasses are made of sugar! When the glass is filled, dunk the wings in to the bubbly for a sweet treat!Pretty translucent and pastel sugar crystalsA brown sugar cube quickly dissolves in a glass of crisp Moscato d'Asti Food was provided by Kyotofu & Two Little Red Hens. YUM.

Are you jealous yet?  You should be!  While I'm only semi-kidding, I am happy to report that you can recreate this very soiree at home, with or without Kyotofu and Two Little Red Hens.  Most of CdS's products (with the exception of the glass huggers - angel's wings, elephants, and cats - at this current time) are available for purchase online

Here are some items that I plan on purchasing.  After all, it's wise to always have a gift or two on-hand...even if it's for just for yourself:

  • For hostess gifts:  Rainbow Sugar or Amber Sugar
  • Birthday gift for the culinaire:  A Cafe In Paris
  • I have my fingers crossed that the angel's wings "glass huggers" soon become shippable!  I am absolutely dying to get my hands on those!

**Make sure to look out for CdS in March's issue of Saveur Magazine!**(Photo: www.chambredesucre.com) From left to right: Kathy reads the article in Saveur - Lisa, Executive Director of CdS, takes an interest in some flowers.


Until we eat & drink (...champagne w/ sugar cubes) again...

The Lunch Belle

PS:  To Lisa and Kathy of CdS - thank you for a most fabulous, educational, sophisticated, and delicious Saturday afternoon!  What a treat!!  xo

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