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Dinner at South Edison (Montauk, NY)

  • Restaurant  South Edison
  • Cuisine  American, seafood-centric
  • Location  17 S. Edison St., Montauk
  • Phone  631-668-4200
  • Atmosphere  bright, airy, beach hues, relaxed sophistication
  • Attire  smart casual
  • Ideal for  small to medium-sized group dining, 1x1, bar scene, oyster happy hour,
  • Price  moderate

South Edison is a seafood-centric/American restaurant that has been on my "must try list" for a little over a year.  Originally, I had planned to dine there last August but, just a day or two before our reservation, my group decided to attend a charity event in Southampton, instead. 

"Can we change the party size from 4 to 8?"  Within hours, 8 people had morphed in to 11.  But, by the next morning, our party had shrunk back down to 8.  Ultimately, on day-of, we were merely a table of 3.  Sigh.  A big thanks to Emily, South Edison's general manager, who could not have been more patient/flexible with my crazy, multiple reservation amendments (via email)! 

The three of us - Em, Jane, and I - arrived at South Edison at 8pm and were seated immediately.  Within seconds, our water glasses were filled and we were each handed food and cocktail/wine menus.

While awaiting the arrival of my margarita, I couldn't help but notice how relaxed I felt.  Oddly at peace and at ease, which is quite the rarity.  Blame it on South Edison's tranquil, casually sophisticated, coastal-chic atmosphere:  Orange and turquoise-blue hues - big, unobstructed windows overlooking Montauk proper - vaulted ceilings adorned with fans...

My relaxing "trance" was positively interrupted by the arrival of my Meyer Margarita, which consisted of:  Milagro Tequila, fresh lime and Meyer lemon, agave, and salt.  Although the citrus flavor was delicious, I found the 'rita just a tad too sweet. 

Photo from South Edison dot comMeyer Lemon MargaritaTo start, Em and I decided to split an order of local Jonah crab claws.  Additionally, I ordered four "Montauk Pearls" oysters all for myself.  There's just something about being in such close proximity to the Atlantic that makes me constantly crave seafood!

Since poor Jane is allergic to shellfish, she began with the Day Boat Fluke Sashimi.    

Local Jonah crab claws"Montauk Pearls" oystersJane's order of 'Day Boat Fluke Sashimi,' with glazed baby turnip, crispy shallot, chili jam, fresh serrano, and micro cilantro.I was torn between three entrees:  Black & Blue Local Diver Scallops, South Edison Fish 'n' Chips, and the Lobster Roll.  "You know what?"  I responded, when our server asked what I'd like to order, "I think you should surprise me.  Pick the best dish of the three.  I trust you."  Emily and Jane both looked at one another - then at me - and gasped.  Simultaneously.  "What, guys?  It's not like he can go wrong!"

And the winner was..................Black & Blue Local Diver Scallops

Four perfectly grilled, local diver scallops were served alongside spring peas and pickled lime quinoa that was topped with a wedge of charred Treviso radicchio.  Fragrant and colorful parsley oil finished the dish.

Everything on my plate was cooked and paired, both in flavor and texture, exquisitely.  I was in heaven...until I tasted Jane's Lemongrass Local Porgy a la Plancha.

I mean, come on, as if her entree wasn't gorgeous enough to look at...it tasted even better!  Porgy, a local white fish, was prepared skin-on and served over fragrant jalapeno sauce, corn puree, sauteed peppers and maitake mushrooms, and finished with whole corn kernels and micro daikon. 

As much as I hate to say it - because I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally hate the train - this dish would be worth the 6-hour round trip trek to Montauk, alone.  (Whoever said "getting there is half the fun" must have been high.)  Transcendent.  Truly transcendent.

Shared side dishes

Smoky Potatoes 

It was love at first sight.  While these oven-roasted, multi-colored baby potatoes looked almost too pretty to eat, ultimately, I prefer my potatoes...fried.  :)

Hand Cut Fries

OK, we went a bit "potato heavy."  So what?  We finished every last fry in the damn bowl. 

Our batch of fries was perfect, aside from the stingy serving of ketchup:  Each fry contained the ideal amount of skin - was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside - and was doused with just enough salt to get the job done, but not overwhelm.  Bam!

Fried Olives

Prior to receiving this "side," I assumed that the fried olives would come stuffed with, not served alongside, piquillo pepper goat cheese.  Although I was wrong, I was not disappointed.  I appreciated the fact that the pungent goat cheese acted as more of an optional "dip" (for the olives) that could be consumed by those who like it.  Because, in my opinion, fried, salty green olives do not need any accompaniments.  They're delicious and calorically-scandalous enough on their own!  Completely naked.


Campfire S'Mores Pie

Although we had every intention of splitting both of the desserts we ordered, Jane and I didn't care too much for this particular one.  Frankly, I found it too "mousse-y" and one-dimensional.  Em, on the other hand, loved its abundance of toasted marshmallow fluff and chocolate mousse.  

Special dessert of the eve:  Blackberry Mousse

Perched on a bed of crunchy, toasted coconut crisps was a cylindrical dollop of blackberry mousse that was crowned with a scoop of tangy passion fruit sorbet.  

While the tropical, summery flavor combination delighted, it was the contrasting textural components that truly excited.   


I'm thrilled to have finally dined at South Edison!  But, what's more, the meal far exceeded any of my expectations.  Additionally, I found the service, the staff's knowledge of food/wine, and the atmosphere to be very impressive.  I look forward to returning again before the summer of '13.  Bravo!


Until we eat again,

The Lunch Belle 

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