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I left my heart at Gueros (Brooklyn)

  • Restaurant  Gueros Brooklyn
  • Cuisine  Mexican
  • Location  605 Prospect Pl., Brooklyn
  • Phone  718-230-4941
  • Directions  Hopstop
  • Atmosphere  order at the counter, casual, small
  • Attire  casual
  • Ideal for  small group dining, 1x1, happy hour, foodies, homesick Texans
  • Price  affordable
  • Gueros on Urbanspoon

After a very sweaty spin class on Saturday morning, I felt empowered.  So empowered, in fact, that I was determined not to overeat at my NY Mexican Food Lovers' lunch.  After all, wouldn't that defeat the purpose of waking up at the crack and going to spin class?  On a Saturday, no less?  After all, Gueros' menu, at least from what I had read online, was chock-full of temptation.   Margaritas - chile con queso.  Just to name a few.  Would I be able to control my insatiable appetite?

Not to scare you Manhattanites, but it took me an hour to get to Gueros from Midtown.  However, we all know how slow and fcuked up weekend subway service can be.  So, just take that in to account.  Anyways, I wasn't sure what to expect of the restaurant in terms of decor and service features.  So when I saw that guests were ordering food/drink at a counter, and that there were only a few tables in the small space, I wasn't disappointed.  Plus, somehow, the diner rotation worked in my group's favor, as two tables simultaneously became free.  Score!

Before I read the overhead menu, something else  caught my eye:  A margarita machine!!  Obviously, I ordered the largest size of the frozen concoction that was offered.  I believe it was 16 delicious ounces.  Bam!

The margarita tasted even better when I read that it was prepared with freshly-squeezed juice and 100% agave tequila. 

After we all placed our individual food/beverage orders at the counter, we received our 'community' order of chips, salsa, and chile-con-queso.  The latter of which is rarely seen on menus outside of Texas.

For those of you who cannot tell, these are homemade tortilla chips.  And if you've never tasted one, I suggest putting it on your bucket list.  Because there's nothing in the world that's quite as crisp, salty, and delicious. 

Yes, folks, there is life outside of the Tostitos bag.

Everyone has their own version of "crack."  For some people, it's cupcakes.  For others, it's fried chicken.  For me, it's salsa.  And no one, in my 8+ years of living in NYC, makes it better than Gueros.  This salsa was so good, in fact, that I purchased a pint to bring home.

Chile-con-queso, a melted cheese dip, is as much a part of a Texan's life as water is.  Seriously, we live on the stuff.  And, until I moved to NYC, I probably devoured a couple of bowls of it every week!  While I love Q'doba's version (shut up, haters), Gueros' chile-con-queso is much more dense and thick.  It has a nice kick of spice, but certainly does not overwhelm the palate.  

For my "entree," I ordered two tacos:  Brisket with cheddar, rajas, roasted onion, green salsa, and au jus (served on a flour tortilla); and a weekend-only breakfast taco, filled with scrambled eggs, potatoes, rajas, and avocado (served on a flour tortilla).  Both tacos were excellent.

So, did I overeat?  Obviously.  How could I not?  Duh. 

Although it was a bit of a schlep from Manhattan, I found Gueros to be an affordable, destination-worthy gem.  And I cannot wait to return!


Until we eat again,

The Lunch Belle

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