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Halos and dumplings

After ten long days post-spay, Miss Lucy finally got her stitches and "halo" removed! 

Although I treat her like a princess everyday (Proof: Check out that big ass beef bone I scored from her favorite BBQ joint, Hill Country.), I decided to go BIG for her first day sans-halo:  A trip to Brooklyn Flea's Smorgasburg for Chef One's 9th Annual Dumpling Contest!  Why not?  Lucy loves to travel (by way of her pint-sized carrying case), and I love dumplings.  It was a total win-win.

I'm always surprised by how short the trek to Brooklyn *actually* is.  Especially over to Williamsburg via the L Train.  Not 5-minutes after exiting at the Bedford Street station, Lucy and I were almost at our destination.  I guess that's when I stopped - looked around in awe - and realized just how many new, fabulous, terraced residential buildings had sprouted up with killer views of Manhattan.  Maybe I really could live here.  Even though, by my own standards, I'm technically not hip enough...

Smorgasburg, itself, is my own version of heaven.  Held in an outdoor plot that overlooks the East River and my beloved Manhattan, stall after stall of artisanal food and drink vendors lure you with their gorgeous and plentiful handmade delights.  But, let's face it, folks:  I wasn't there to stall-stroll, I was there to watch some dumpling inhalation!  

The crowd eagerly awaits the beginning of the contestLucy and I had a "front row" view Dumpling mascot!Chef One's owner kicks off the contest by cutting a giant dumpling, filled with smaller dumplings, in halfContestants...and so it begins!In addition to some serious mulah, the first place male and female contestants each received the equivalent number of total dumplings eaten in East River Ferry tickets!  So, with the male having downed 74, and the female, 46, each received 120 East River Ferry tickets!  I sure hope those two *like* Brooklyn!

After the contest, I walked over to the Chef One stall and ordered myself some dumplings.  What made each bite even more delicious was the fact that a portion of the proceeds from every sale went to the Food Bank For NYC.  And, as if that weren't enough, I moseyed over to the Kelvin Natural Slush stall and quenched my thirst with not one, but two, citrus blends with guava and pineapple.  Sigh.  I just couldn't stop at one!

After a very exciting - and filling - afternoon, Lucy and I returned home and took a nap.  Hey, my Saturday was just beginning:  I had to recoup some energy for Wong's First Anniversary Whole Hog Roast!  Stay tuned for that...


Until we eat again,

The Lunch Belle

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