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Labor Day weekend in Seattle: Day 1

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  Can you even believe that summer is "officially" over?  What the hell, right?  Where did the past three months go?  All I know is this:  Thank god the Fall in NYC is so awesome - otherwise I'd be beyond depressed about the fact that it's already September...

Wednesday was my first day back in the big city after having spent the long weekend in Seattle for my cousin's wedding.  While I'm too scared to weigh myself for *at least* a few more days, I will say that I ate - and drank - like a royal.  Below, please enjoy a chronological photo/review collage from day #1 (of 4) of my beautiful - and delicious - weekend in the "Emerald City."   


Friday, 8/31

Before my early morning flight out of Newark, I made sure to grab something to eat (...since none of these cheap ass airlines serve free food anymore).  My favorite go-to spot, at least in terminal C, is the Garden State Diner.  Everything is made-to-order.  From scratch.  Plus, the employees are always super friendly and accommodating.  Oh, and for the record, I ordered an egg burrito. 

I arrived in Seattle at about 10am local time, and was at my hotel by 11.  After checking in, my parents and I walked to Pike Place Market, where we put on our proverbial 'tourist hats' and enjoyed the sights, sounds, eats, and drinks.

Walking towards market. Quite the view, eh?

Fresh, *live* oystersGorgeous, local produceDid you know that Beecher's is a Seattle original? We loved the fresh cheese curds.After spotting a ferris wheel across the street, it was all my dad could talk about.  Mom and I agreed to accompany him on the ride, so long as we could grab a small bite + a beverage afterwards.  On our walk to the 'wheel, we passed Pike Place Bakery, home to some of the most delicious donuts that I've ever put in my mouth.  Mom and I split an apple fritter that was still warm from the deep fryer (Sadly, I was too busy inhaling the fritter to snap a photo.  Ugh)!

A view from the top of the ferris wheelDad, Mom, and I on the ferris wheelAfter the ride, we walked about 100 feet and grabbed an outdoor table at The Fisherman's.  It was close, the view was excellent, our glasses of white wine were cold, and my Dungeness crab cocktail + local oyster was fresh.

Dungeness crab cocktailLocal oysterWhen we returned to the hotel, Jessica, one of my BFF's and current Seattle-ite, stopped by for a quick visit, as my family and I had to get ready for the evening's wedding festivities.   

Family and friends gathered aboard a sunset Shabbat dinner cruise to celebrate the couple.  

Wahoo! The bar tender made me a margarita!Upon returning to land, I joined my friend, Dana, for a cocktail at the W Hotel's TRACE Bar.  Finally, after a full day + being awake for nearly 24-hours, I called it a night.

Stay tuned for day #2 of my trip to Seattle...!


Until we eat again,

The Lunch Belle

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