Layer after caramelized sugar-encrusted layer: A DKA at DAB
Monday, January 14, 2013 at 7:15AM
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On Saturday, I met fellow blogger, Sara (of Small Chick Big Deals), for a mid-morning treat at Dominique Ansel Bakery...

Macarons and "King Cake"An assortment of sweet, handmade indulgencesThe bakery's famous "DKA"While so many of his other fancy retail treats will certainly tempt, you'd be an idiot not order at least one "DKA" (Dominque's Kouign Amann) from Daniel Boulud alum, Dominique Ansel.  What the heck does Dominque's Kouign Amann mean?  Don't worry, I didn't know, either.  But I'll do my best to explain in laymen's terms:  Imagine, if you will, a croissant that, instead of being rolled in to a crescent shape, instead resembles some sort of flower whose petals are folded in to the center.  While the traditional croissant could be considered savory, what sets the DKA apart is the fact that sugar is added to the dough.  The pastry is slowly baked until the butter puffs up the dough and the sugar caramelizes.  The result?  A crunchy, burnt-sugar exterior that gives way to a moist, pillowy interior full of airy, intricate layers. 

You can even purchase a box of three DKA's!  I cannot fathom a better hostess gift...


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