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  • 1/26-1/27: NY Times Travel Show
  • 2/1: Jean's Chinese New Year party
  • 2/2: lunch at Sabor a Mexico
  • 2/6: Galentine's Day at Acme
  • 2/11-2/18: Switzerland and Austria
  • 2/22: cocktails at Bar SixyFive
  • 2/23: NYJL Winter Ball
  • 4/12-4/14: Sarah's bachelorette party
  • 4/24-4/28: LA & Jackson's bar mitzvah in SF
  • 6/21-6/23: Sarah's wedding
  • 8/14-8/19: San Diego
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Northern California: Where to Eat/Drink

“Where to eat” is an ongoing list series that will be updated frequently

Pricing key:

$: Price per person, before alcohol, under $20

$$: Price per person, before alcohol, under $40

$$$: Price per person, before alcohol, under $60


Cuisine: American

Cuisine: Bakeries, coffee, sweet shops

Cuisine: Barbeque, meat-centric

Cuisine: Burmese

Cuisine: Gourmet grocers

Cuisine: Italian

Cuisine: Thai


Until we eat again, 

The Lunch Belle

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