Turf cookies and a book that no foodie will be able to put down
Thursday, November 5, 2015 at 1:19PM
The Lady Who Lunches in Gift guides that don't suck

What token of congratulations do you get for the quintessential "girl who has everything" upon being accepted to the NYU Masters program in Food Studies?  Flowers seem too generic, plus they die in like three days.  Cupcakes are fun, but they're so five years ago.  I considered a gift certificate but, if she's anything like me, it'll get buried somewhere and will never be used/will expire by the time she actually remembers to present it at checkout.

After weeks of mulling over failed prospects, I discovered two items (literally, within days of each other) that could not be better suited for this monumentous occasion:

"Food Whore, A Novel of Dining and Deceit" by Jessica Tom

Having attended the NYU Masters program in Food Studies for a year before I moved to Los Angeles (yes, I am technically a drop-out), I was elated when I read that "Food Whore's" star character, Tia, was a student in the program, herself!  And, while I haven't finished the book just yet (though that will likely happen soon - I can't put it down), I cannot wait to snag a copy for my buddy.  So fitting, right?          

Photo credit: Harper Collins.

City Cookies

What could be more perfect for someone who's headed East than something both edible and representative of their future home?

Photo credit: Sisters of Los Angeles


Until we eat again,

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