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(NYC) Reviewed: Dinner at Fushimi

*This post was written by Edgar A. Castillo and edited/formatted by The Lunch Belle.  Unless otherwise noted, all photographs were captured by Edgar A. Castillo.*

Restaurant: Fushimi

  • Cuisine: Modern Japanese
  • Location: 475 Driggs Avenue - Brooklyn 11211  
  • Pricing: $$
  • What's delicious: Sake, tuna appetizers (gyoza, tartar), Chef's sashimi, "New Style" Sushi
  • Perfect for: Happy hour, date night, corporate events


For my review of Fushimi, I brought along one of my best friends, Glen, who, aside from being a big fan of Japanese food, had previously hosted his birthday dinner at the restaurant!  Let's just put it this way: Glen loves sushi as much as I love tacos.  Now that's love! 

Glen and I arrived early and were met with great joy by Sunny, General Manager of Fushimi's 8,750 square foot third location.  He quickly ushered us to a spacious booth, which was adorned by ornate silkscreen designs.

Kicking off our VIP dining experience, our server presented us with warm, moist hand towelettes before suggesting that we inaugurate our “friend date” with an ice-cold glass of Ty Ku Cucumber Sake.  We certainly were not disappointed with this incredibly refreshing and light adult beverage, which proved picture-perfect for that sweltering summer eve.



Spicy Tuna Gyoza (served atop guacamole!)

Surely, they must have put this amazing morsel of Japanese + Mexican fusion on the menu just for me, right?  I was not expecting to find my favorite Mexican condiment at a Japanese restaurant – of all places - but even more surprising was the fact that Fushimi’s version of guacamole was some of the best I’ve sampled of late…and that’s not excluding Mexican cafes and taquerias!

The plump gyoza was stuffed with cabbage, ginger, garlic, carrots, parsley, sake, oyster sauce, sesame oil, and fresh tuna before being lightly battered and fried.  Absolutely delicious!!

Tuna Tartare

The presentation of this dish was fantastic!  Crowned with minced chives, a dollop of caviar and avocado, the tartare had a je nais sais quoi smoky flavor that, while mysteriously familiar, was also incredibly sexy and new.

Upon inquiring, I was informed that the smokiness came courtesy of furikake, a popular Japanese condiment mainly used as a seasoning for rice.  It is composed of toasted sesame, bits of nori, bonito flakes, dried vegetables, dried egg, puffed and toasted rice, salt and spices.


We took a quick TV-style timeout from all of the delicious eats to re-up on our cocktails.  Glen chose a frozen beer (half a pint glass of Sapporo served chilled, topped with frozen/Slushee-style Sapporo).  I, on the other hand, went with peppy and sweet Coconut Saketini (coconut rum, Ty-Ku Coconut Sake, coconut flakes).

This was followed by a prompt pit stop to the coolest bathroom ever...possibly even rivaling the stalls at now shuttered Bar 89!

Photo found on Yelp

Chef’s Signature Roll (king crab & king salmon)

Note: As this particular roll is part of a rotating/seasonal menu, please check your with your specific location for the most up-to-date latest specials.

Seared king salmon crowned each piece of the generously-sliced roll, which contained Alaskan king crab, inari (seasoned deep fried tofu), mango, cucumber, and avocado.


Main course(s)

Chef’s sashimi

Note: Selection changes daily

This “omakase” style portion of our meal was a total education for me!  Each piece of fish had different toppings/pairings and was served as a pair; perfect for sharing!

Having never tasted uni (sea urchin), I chose it as my first selection from Chef’s platter.  The creamy flesh had a delightfully buttery texture and, quite literally, melted in my mouth.

The other samplings included:

  • Tuna (guacamole, Maui onion, and peach salsa)
  • King Salmon (topped with yuzu jelly, scallion)
  • Hamachi (dressed with yuzu soy vinaigrette, slice of jalapeno)
  • Tonburi (mountain caviar)
  • Ikura (cucumber stuffed with crab tartar)

New Style Sushi: Today’s seasonal sushi selection with “new style” toppings

  • Sweet raw shrimp (mango cucumber salsa)
  • Eel (avocado and arima sansho -- I can’t get enough avocado, and am pleasantly surprised at the inversed relationship of the edible vs. garnish. This particular selection was my personal favorite!)
  • Uni (“match stick” cuts of mountain yam)
  • King Salmon (creme fraiche and yuzu gelee)
  • Yellowtail (chopped jalapeño and yuzu soy vinaigrette)

Every intricate cut had its significance, and the flavors resonated with the love of the craft as intended by Chef.  Each unique piece was truly marvelous!




You wouldn’t think that I’d have to travel to a Japanese restaurant in Brooklyn to enjoy one of the best versions of tiramisu that I’ve ever had – and that includes Italian cafes in/around NYC and a recent trip to Italy!  I’m telling you, this tiramisu is worth the trek over the bridge/under the tunnel/via the airplane.  It was *that* delicious!


The various cultural integrations, as well as modernizations of traditional cuisine on Fushimi’s menu, are some of the many characteristics that allow the restaurant to stand out among so many other Japanese/fusion/sushi competitors.  

With a rotating menu boasting the freshest seafood – a keen attention to culinary detail – plus amazing service and a warm ambience, Fushimi is a strong winner.


Until we eat again,

Edgar for The Lunch Belle

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