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Reviewed: The Harrow

Restaurant: The Harrow

  • Cuisine: American
  • Location: 720 10th Avenue - Manhattan 10019  
  • Pricing: $$
  • Reservations? Yes, RESY
  • Why go? ...I'm not the one to ask.


While The Harrow is located slightly off the beaten track and farther west than I'd normally travel in midtown - as a former resident, I have a soft spot in my heart for Hell's Kitchen.  

I had recently read a small brunch feature about The Harrow which showcased their 'Lobster Pierogis,' and my interest was piqued.  So in planning for an upcoming girl's dinner, it was among the first places that came to mind.

Upon arrival, I admired the restaurant's respectably-sized bar area and cozy, intimate dining room space.  My two friends and I were seated immediately.    
I was pleased to see a California Syrah on the wine list, only to be told that "it was a typo and that the wine is actually from France."  I found a suitable Cabernet and enjoyed a few glasses throughout the evening.  

I was a bit surprised that we weren't served some sort of bread post drink and food order, but we were looking forward to sharing some appetizers, nonetheless.
E and I split the 'Cider Braised Bacon & Spiced Medjool Dates,' which was presented in an awkwardly deconstructed fashion; the plate was topped with a thick slab of bacon, a slice of blue cheese, and three dates.  Normally, the fruit is stuffed with cheese and bacon is wrapped around the (date's) exterior.  All of this being said, each component was tasty and paired well together.

Cider Braised Bacon & Spiced Medjool DatesFor my entree, I chose the 'House Made Lobster Pierogi with Tarragon Sour Cream & Truffle Butter.'  The dish presented beautifully and looked delicious, however I was extremely disappointed to find that there was no lobster in/on/around the dumplings whatsoever - just a filling of fish-flavored mashed potatoes.  For $24, I felt completely ripped off and fooled.  
Our server totally forgot to put in our side order for roasted carrots and, when reminded, he brought them to the table just as we took our last bites of our entrees.  The poor kid was too busy servicing the table to our left which, I believe, was the owner/manager and his buddies.  Sigh.  

House Made Lobster Pierogi with Tarragon Sour Cream & Truffle ButterGranted, The Harrow has only been open for a few months, but I was not impressed by the gimmicky fare - the bait-and-switch with expensive ingredients - the wine list typo - or the service.  I do not plan on returning.  Ever.


Until we eat again

The Lunch Belle

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